A list of secondary skills from owod. Sources: guide to the camarilla, guide to the sabbat, players guide (2nd edition)
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Artistic Expression

Public Speaking
Poetic Expression
Sense Deception
Pan Handling










Animal Training
Blind Fighting
Boat Handling


First Aid
Game Playing
Gun smithing
Heavy Weapons



Lip Reading
Lock picking


Police Procedure



Sleight of Hand
Speed Reading





Area Knowledge

Art History

Camarilla Lore


City Secrets

Clan Knowledge *insert clan name*
Computer Hacking



Faerie Lore

Kindred Lore
Lupine Lore
Mage Lore

Military Science



Sabbat Lore

Sewer Lore
Sprit Lore



Wyrm Lore

Under World Lore


The definitions of the skills:




Diplomacy is the art of handling difficult situations with tact and skill. It is also the ability to negotiate positions, rather than specifics – the latter is the purview of Haggling. You can negotiate policy and treaties, and extricate yourself from unpleasant situations with words, rather than force or use of Disciplines.

•             Novice: You can state your position without driving anyone away from the negotiating table.

••           Practiced: You clan trusts you to represent it on some issues.

•••        Competent: Your agenda usually carries the day.

••••     Expert: You can handle labor strife and cutting deals with the Lupines with equal ease.

•••••   Master: You can convince nations to alter their policies – and like it.


Possessed By: Diplomats, Seneschals, Politicians, Ambitious Ventrue


Specialties: Settlements, Cease-Fires, Alliance Building, Graceful Exits, Spin Doctoring




You can trade favors, and negotiate costs and other specifics so that transactions come out in your favor. You can judge relative value of goods and services quickly and easily, and know when someone's attempting to rip you off.

•              Novice: You can knock a few bucks off the price of something at a flea market or garage sale.

••           Practiced: You get used cars for what they're worth, not what they're marked.

•••        Competent: You can play the game of prestation better than any of your peers.

••••     Expert: Princes ask you if they're getting a good deal.

•••••   Master: You can get what you want; when you want it for the price you are willing to pay – always.


Possessed By: Police Negotiators, Anarchs, Purchasing Agents, Household Ghouls, Importers, Nosferatu


Specialties: Swaps, Selling Information, Fine Print, Contracts, Prestation




You can plot and plan effectively. You understand how to manipulate others through trickery and artifice, and you are Expert at exposing a target's vulnerabilities. Note that Intrigue is not Subterfuge; the latter involves fieldwork and actual sabotage, while Intrigue operates more on a theoretical and consequential level. Subterfuge is the art of planting a forged letter; Intrigue is the art of knowing whose handwriting to forge for maximum effect.

•              Novice: You maneuver well against a single adversary.

••           Practiced: You can figure out how to subvert an organized enemy.

•••        Competent: You can handle multiple plots simultaneously.

••••     Expert: You've woven a web of double- and triple-crosses, all to your benefit.

•••••   Master: The rest of the Kindred are just so many puppets, dancing on your strings.


Possessed By: Spymasters, Harpies, Setite Recruiters, Secure Princes


Specialties: Subversion, Isolating Opponents, Corporate Sabotage, Mounting Coups




With Expertise in Scrounging, you can find unusual, outdated or otherwise hard-to-find items. Those items can range from the part needed to repair a Model T Ford to someone skilled at bibliomancy to a rare CD of which only 500 copies were pressed. Scrounging also implies knowledge of sources for oddball items, and a reasonable ability at turning junk into useful material.

•              Novice: Occasionally you can pluck something off the scrap heap.

••           Practiced: You know where to look for hard-to-find items, and that includes some hard-to-find sources.

•••        Competent: You know if something can be found in under 24 hours.

••••     Expert: You have a network of potential sources for anything and everything you might need on short notice

•••••   Master: You can find anything, at any time, assuming it still exists.


Possessed By: Researchers, Fixers, Acquisitions Agents, Collectors, Hiring Factors


Specialties: Manuscripts, Electronics and Parts, Talented Individuals, Illegal Items, Occult Items, Improvisational Fixes




You have the ability to examine a person or scene and find what you need. Locating hidden compartments, uncovering wall safes and doping out smuggling techniques are all within your area of Expertise. Search also covers both frisking techniques and more generalized searches, such as trying to uncover buried caches or bodies.

•              Novice: You can spot a bulge under a jacket and be reasonably sure what it is.

••           Practiced: False bottoms and secret pockets can't hide from you.

•••        Competent: You can find any concealed weapon in a matter of seconds.

••••     Expert: The proverbial needle in the haystack is no challenge for you.

•••••   Master: Nothing short of the supernatural can be hidden from you.


Possessed By: Border Guards, Cops, DEA Agents, Sheriffs, Bodyguards


Specialties: Body Searches, Search and Seizure, Vehicle Searches, Uncovering Evidence


Artistic Expression


You have the talent to produce works of art in various media. You can produce saleable works of two- or three-dimensional art, and understand something of the technical aspects of paintings and sketches. You are able to sketch a reasonably accurate rendition of a place or person.

•              Novice: Your work is simple, seen as charmingly naive by some and as amateurish by others.

••           Practiced: Your work could win prizes at local art society shows.

•••        Competent: You could get a showing in a minor gallery.

••••     Expert: Your work is widely admired, and galleries contact you about mounting exhibitions. You are invited to teach at local art colleges.

•••••   Master: You are acknowledged as a driving force in contemporary art. Your work commands enormous prices, and is found in art museums as well as commercial galleries and private collections.


Possessed by: Artists, Commercial Illustrators, Cartoonists, Police Artists, Forgers, Woodworkers, Theatre and Movie Set-Builders, Special Effects Technicians, Model Makers


Specialties: Oils, Watercolors, Mixed Media, Charcoal, Sketching, Caricature, Lighting Artist, Impressionist Photo-Realism, Abstract, Miniatures, Stone, Resin, Wood, Metals, Classical, Kinetic, Models, Decoration




This is the ability to have a good time at a party or other social occasion, and to make sure others around you also have a good time. Normally, it involves a mixture of eating, drinking and good cheer. For vampires, however, things are a little different. Carousing also includes the ability to appear to eat and drink normally, without actually doing so. Using this Ability, one of the Kindred could attend an opening-night cast party without arousing any suspicion. On a successful roll of Manipulation + Carousing, no one notices that the character neither eats nor drinks. The difficulty of the roll depends on the social event: three or less for a house party with a buffet, seven or more for a sit-down dinner. This Ability can also be used to determine how entertaining and popular the character is at a party or event.

•              Novice: You can plead a small appetite or recent illness.

••           Practiced: Perhaps you're watching your diet.

•••        Competent: A charming dinner companion.

••••     Expert: You obviously enjoyed the food.

•••••   Master: You even called for seconds.

Possessed by: Actors, Dilettantes, College Students, Vampires


Specialties: Sexual Innuendo, Lewd Jokes, Drinking, Exaggeration, Anecdotes




You are able to extract information from people by fair means or foul. Using a mixture of threats, trickery and persistent questioning, you ultimately unearth the truth.

•              Novice: Nosy neighbor

••           Practiced: Movie cop

•••        Competent: Talk-show host

••••     Expert: Investigative journalist

•••••   Master: Spymaster


Possessed by: Cops, Journalists, Secret Service Personnel, Inquisitors


Specialties: Good Cop/Bad Cop, Threats, Trickery, Moral Blackmail


Public Speaking


You are able to mold the emotions of a crowd by making a speech. This might be at a political rally, in a courtroom, at a lecture or even at the barricades once the revolution is underway. Whatever you want your audience to feel is what it feels.

•              Novice: Entertaining speaker

••           Practiced: Compelling speaker

•••        Competent: Inspiring speaker

••••     Expert: Popular champion

•••••   Master: Churchill or Hitler


Possessed by: Politicians, Revolutionaries, Actors, Professors


Specialties: Entertaining, Moving, Demagoguery, Vote-Catching, Lies


Poetic Expression


You are able to craft words in ways that evoke thoughts, emotions and reactions from those who read them. You can compose pleasing poetry in one or more styles, create short and long fiction, write essays, reviews and editorials, and invent advertising jingles. It is rare for one person to be skilled at more than one specialty at one time, so choose carefully.

•              Novice: You can write a short poem and extemporize a limerick or couplet when the Muse is with you. A short story is not out of your reach.

••           Practiced: You could publish your poetry or fiction in a local journal, or write basic hit parade Iyrics. You can extemporize simple abab- and aabb-type quatrains.

•••        Competent: You could get your novel or anthologies of your work published and make a profit. You can extemporize more complex verse forms, and even make blank verse sound like poetry.

••••     Expert: You are asked to do readings of your work for local societies nationwide, and aficionados snap up your works as soon as they are published. You can write Iyrics that people will be quoting in 10 years, and extemporize iambic pentameters without thinking about it.

•••••   Master: Your work is already being taught in English classes, and you are recognized as one of the foremost writers of your day. Your Iyrics are timeless, and you can extemporize in any form and any style.


Possessed by: Poets, Lyricists, Novelists, Journalists, Advertising Execs, Entertainers, English Teachers, Rappers


Specialties: Limericks, Short Fiction, Novel, Scripts, Classical Forms, Extemporaneous, Lyric Writing, Jingles, Blank Verse, Deathless Art




You are practiced at noticing small details and changes in the environment when you purposely look at or listen to what is going on around you. This Ability can only be used when you specifically say you are attempting to notice if anything is amiss - if you aren't concentrating, this Ability will do you no good. *

•              Novice: If anyone notices police sirens, it's you.

••           Practiced: Police could use your detective abilities.

•••        Competent: The slightest motion draws your attention.

••••     Expert: Nothing escapes your glance.

•••••   Master: You can count the grains of salt on a pretzel - by taste.


Possessed by: Detectives, GIs, FBI Agents, Body' guards, Night Watchmen


Specialties: Keeping Watch, Quick Scan, Listening, Smelling, Assassins




You know how to lure, attract and command the attention of others in a sexual manner. By the way you hold yourself, how you look at someone and even by the tone of your voice, you are able to arouse and excite those upon whom you practice your wiles. Once you have fully seduced someone, he will be willing to do nearly anything for you.

•              Novice: Teenager

••           Practiced: The "older woman"

•••        Competent: Heartthrob

••••     Expert: Movie star

•••••   Master: Vampire


Sense Deception


Over the years, you have developed the ability to know instinctively when people are not telling you the truth or not telling you the whole truth. There is a way they look, a tone of voice, a movement of the eyes - you can't analyze it, but it's always there and your instincts rarely let you down.

•              Novice: Sometimes you can tell, hut you still get suckered - though more rarely than the average person does.

••           Practiced: It takes a silver tongue to pull the wool over your eyes.

•••        Competent: Anyone who can slip one past you is a highly skilled con artist.

••••     Expert: You could make a living screening people for security.

•••••   Master: People whisper behind your back, and many are nervous talking to you. Your ability is almost supernatural.


Possessed by: Bodyguards, Reporters, Interrogators, Security Personnel, Detectives, Mothers


Specialties: Interviews, Investigative, Courtroom, Technical (Polygraphs)




You may not have been born good-looking, or possessed of a natural charm, but you know how to dress and make the most of your appearance. Even if you are not physically attractive, heads turn because of your dress sense and style. Note that this Talent only applies to people's reactions to your appearance; once you get closer, it's up to you.

•              Novice: Good taste

••           Practiced: Socialite

•••        Competent: Celebrity

••••     Expert: Celebrity advisor

•••••   Master: International model


Possessed by: Socialites, Celebrities, Fashion Professionals, the Gifted Few


Specialties: Classic, High Fashion, Street Fashion, Retro, Ethnic




You are able to swim - at least enough to keep yourself afloat, and maybe a little more. Note that vampires, unlike mortals, do not float naturally; if they do not swim, they sink.

•              Novice: You can swim.

••           Practiced: You can swim fast, or for extended periods.

•••        Competent: Instructor/lifeguard

••••     Expert: Swim team

•••••   Master: Olympic gold


Pan Handling


You are a skilled beggar. You are able to get people to give you money just by asking for it. You know whom to ask, how to approach them, what to say and how to avoid the police. This Talent is useful for picking up quick cash or creating a cover.

•             Novice: You get most of your money shaking cans and washing windshields. You’re still working on a hard-luck story.

••           Practiced: You’re working on the story and using the classic lines, but you still manage to get little more than spare change.

•••        Competent: You’re really smooth – you can even hit the hard-hearted for a few bucks.

••••     Expert: Who needs a sob story when you can hustle and scam your way into big bucks from tourists and little old ladies?

•••••   Master: Dinners, rides home, cash for a bus ticket – easy as pie.




Whether you scry with a crystal ball, consult they arrow sticks like your Chinese ancestors, read Tarot cards or tea leaves, divine with a pendulum or cast runes like your Celtic forebears, you have learned the ability to forecast the future. You may or may not have the gift to really tell fortunes, but you can make people believe you do.

(Note: It is up to the Storyteller whether or not Fortune-Telling truly works in her chronicle. She should share this information with players whose characters have this Talent – charlatans know when they’re faking it – though they may certainly choose to lead others along, if they so wish.)

•              Novice: You are able to use one method of divination adequately, and you treat it as a pastime.

••           Practiced: You are proficient in one method, with the ability to provide general information.

•••        Competent: You are familiar with many divinatory systems and proficient in several. You can provide specific and detailed information from your readings.

••••     Expert: You are adept in multiple methods of fortune-telling. Not only can you provide detailed information, but you can tell people specifically what they want to hear.

•••••   Master: An oracle; the Gypsies take lessons from you.


Possessed by: Gypsies, Psychics, Quacks, New Agers


Specialties: Tarot Cards, Tea Leaves, Runes, Yarrow Sticks, Mirrors, Crystal Balls, Palms




You know how best to go about looking for someone or something in a small area, where you can concentrate your perceptions. You can search for anything from a lost ring in your bedroom to the assassin who is hiding in the garden.

•              Novice: You are good at finding lost items.

••           Practiced: Tell-tale signs (e.g. broken plants) are apparent to you.

•••        Competent: You know where to look.

••••     Expert: Nothing escapes your glance.

•••••   Master: You can spot the Purloined Letter in two seconds flat.


Possessed by: Detectives, Maids, Policemen, Prison Guards

Specialties: Sounds, Woodwork, Small Objects, People, Concealed Doors




You know how to throw things in general, and how to use various types of thrown weapons - anything from spears to hatchets to knives to baseballs (yes, if thrown hard enough, they make fine weapons).

•              Novice: You sometimes get the ball over home plate.

••           Practiced: High school baseball pitcher

•••        Competent: You are deadly even in a food fight.

••••     Expert: Bruce Jenner with a javelin

•••••   Master: Tom Glavine (Greg Maddux! )


Possessed by: Hobby Enthusiasts, Competitors


Specialties: Forests, Target, Hunting, Moving Targets




You have the ability to throw your voice, making it appear to come from somewhere else. This Talent can be used for entertainment - or deception.

•              Novice: You could do a ventriloquist act at a children's party.

••           Practiced: You could get a spot with a local amateur vaudeville club. You can make someone standing next to you appear to speak.

•••        Competent: You could almost make a living from your talent, with occasional TV variety shows breaking up the round of cheap clubs and theatres. You can make someone (or something) within five yards of you appear to speak.

••••     Expert: You could take your act to Vegas. You can make your voice appear to come from any spot within 30 feet of you.

•••••   Master: Young hopefuls bombard you with questions, and Variety calls you the savior of a lost vaudeville art. You can make your voice appear to come from anywhere within earshot.

Possessed by: Entertainers, Con Artists, some Mediums


Specialties: Distance, Clarity, Dummy, Inanimate Object (e.g. radio)


Ventriloquism, Throwing, Search




You have a very versatile voice, and can imitate accents, people and sometimes other sounds. You may use this talent to entertain, or to deceive. With enough talent, almost any sort of sound can be created - the larynx is an amazingly flexible organ.

•              Novice: You can passably duplicate a few accents, and can perform impressions of a couple of well-known personalities.

••           Practiced: You can duplicate a range of accents well enough to fool anyone but a native speaker, and can convincingly imitate a range of celebrities and others.

•••        Competent: You could do this on stage. You know a wide range of accents and celebrity impressions. You can pick up someone's vocal mannerisms by studying them for a couple of hours, and subsequently imitate them well enough to fool someone who doesn't know the person well. You can imitate basic birdcalls and some other sounds.

••••     Expert: You can imitate a specific person well enough to fool someone on the phone, and pass as a native speaker in an accent similar to your own. You can duplicate a range of animal and technological noises.

•••••   Master: There is almost no accent, person or noise you can't imitate.


Possessed by: Entertainers, Con Artists, Pranksters, Bird Callers


Specialties: Accents, Celebrities, Birds and Animals, Mechanical Sounds, Vocal Impersonation




This Talent cannot be taken during character generation, and is available only to vampires. Masquerade reflects how skilled a character is at appearing to be mortal: feigning respiration, creating a heartbeat, producing pink skin (by bringing blood to the surface), sneezing, masking vampiric tendencies, et al. Masquerade may be paired with a Social Attribute to determine whether the character successfully passes as a mortal among mortals.

•             Novice: You might succeed - in ideal circumstances.

••           Practiced: You are able to pass casual inspection.

•••        Competent: You are undetectable under most normal circumstances.

••••     Expert: You may succeed even under duress

•••••   Master: Even a witch-hunter would be fooled.


Possessed by: Vampires


Specialties: Breathing, Simulating Heartbeat, While Sleeping, Sneezing, Hiccups, Producing Skin Tone, Warming One's Skin





You can use your body to perform feats of flexibility that are beyond most individuals' capabilities. You can tumble, swing, flip, balance and otherwise use your body to your best advantage. You may not be the most flexible Kindred in the world, but you use your body's capabilities to their utmost.

•              Novice: You can do a somersault without hurting yourself or others.

••           Practiced: Flips, rolls and other basic maneuvers are within your range.

•••        Competent: You are good enough to amaze crowds or confound foes with your antics.

••••     Expert: You are capable of performing gymnastic maneuvers on any surface with whatever equipment is at hand.

•••••   Master: You are an Olympic-caliber gymnast.


Possessed By: Trapeze Artists, Contortionists, Athletes, Spies


Specialties: Circus Maneuvers, Contortions, Ducking and Covering, Combat Acrobatics, Tightrope Walking




You can hide anything through proper application of this skill. You are an Expert at disguising things through available (in other words, non-supernatural) means so that they are undetectable by normal methods. Whatever materials are at hand can be put to use hiding whatever you wish to conceal. Camouflage can be used in any locale; the effectiveness of the skill depends on what you wish to hide and what you have to work with.

•              Novice: You can hide candy well enough to smuggle it out of convenience stores.

••           Practiced: You can use camouflage netting and other tools of the trade.

•••        Competent: You can hide a vehicle quickly and well with whatever's at hand.

••••     Expert: You can conceal anything from microfiche to military equipment.

•••••   Master: With a little preparation and the proper tools, you could hide the Great Wall.


Possessed By: Smugglers, Nosferatu, Fences, Army Rangers, Freedom Fighters, Terrorists


Specialties: Military Hardware, Vehicles, Hiding in Plain Sight, Urban Camouflage




Hunting is the ability to find and bring down a target of any sort, on any terrain, for any purpose. With a proper application of Hunting, you can do anything from running down deer in the wild to picking a mortal out of the herd for purposes of feeding. This skill also includes man hunting, and can apply to the search for other Kindred

•              Novice: You don't need to club your prey over the head first.

••           Practiced: You can find dinner with reasonable ease.

•••        Competent: Humans are easy to isolate and feed on.

••••     Expert: Once you decide on a target, it's only a matter of time.

•••••   Master: Human, animal or Kindred – none can escape you.


Possessed By: Alastors, Hunters, Gangrel, Federal Agents, Survivalists, Scourges


Specialties: Animals, Human Prey, The Chase, Man hunting, Cat and Mouse


Animal Training


You are able to train animals to obey commands and possibly perform tricks or other feats. Each species is a different specialty.

•              Novice: Heel, Fetch, Sit, Stay

••           Practiced: Local show standard

•••        Competent: Champion sheep dog standard

••••     Expert: Elite police dog standard

•••••   Master: Circus/stunt standard


Possessed by: Dog Handlers, Movie Animal Wranglers, Circus Animal Trainers


Specialties: Dog, Horse, Elephant, Seal




You know how to fire a bow, and may be able to do so with great proficiency. Modern bows can be very complicated gadgets (especially crossbows), and this Skill is essential if you hope to use them correctly. Bows are able to fire wooden-shafted quarrels (without metal tips . . . ).

•              Novice: High school gym practice

••           Practiced: Forest bow hunter

•••        Competent: Medieval ranger

••••     Expert: Will hit a bull's-eye, usually

•••••   Master: Robin Hood


Possessed by: Hunters, Hobby Enthusiasts, Competitors


Specialties: Arched Flight, Forests, Target, Hunting, Moving Targets




You may operate and shoot artillery of all varieties anything from a mortar to a howitzer. Additionally, your knowledge of the weapons includes the ability to repair them.

•              Novice: Young recruit

••           Practiced: Operator

•••        Competent: Forward observer

••••     Expert: Gun captain

•••••   Master: Can fire the thing by yourself if need be

Possessed by: Weapons Designers, Armed Forces Personnel, Mercenaries

Specialties: Aiming, Forward Observation, Line-of Sight, Out-of-Sight, Radar, Night Fighting, Desert, Jungle




You are skilled in the working of iron, and can make objects from iron and steel.

•              Novice: You can make a horseshoe from a cut-iron bar.

••           Practiced: You can make wrought-iron and mild-steel objects.

•••        Competent: You can make different grades of steel and cast iron to industrial standards.

••••     Expert: You can pattern-weld different grades of iron and steel to make a complex object such as a sword blade.

•••••   Master: You can make a blade equal to any Japanese sword, or any other iron or steel object you please.


Possessed by: Artisans, Blacksmiths, Artists, Sword smiths, Hobbyists


Specialties: Wrought Iron, Cast Iron, Tool making, Blade making, Art, Spot -welding, Pattern-welding


Blind Fighting


Even when unable to see your foes, you can use your Brawl or Melee Abilities with a reduced penalty or no penalty. This Skill may also be of great use out of com bat. It should be noted that this Skill does not grant any actual ability to see better in darkness. For each dot the character has in this Skill, reduce the difficulty for performing actions while blind by one. (Naturally, the difficulty can never be reduced below its unhindered equivalent.)

•              Novice: You don't stub your toe in the dark.

••           Practiced: You can pinpoint the direction from which sounds come.

•••        Competent: You can fight and predict your enemies' locations at the same time.

••••     Expert: You can almost "feel" where your opponents are.

•••••   Master: You possess an almost mystical sense - Zen and the Art of Spatial Awareness.


Possessed by: Ninjas, Assassins, Martial Artists, Spelunkers, Zen Archers


Specialties: Dodging, Punching, Indoors, Dueling, Multiple Foes


Boat Handling


You know your way around a boat, and can operate effectively in any crew position.

•              Novice: Weekend sailor

••           Practiced: Serious enthusiast

•••        Competent: Competitor or semi-skilled professional

••••     Expert: Professional or Olympic standard

•••••   Master: Instructor or Olympic gold medalist


Possessed by: Fishermen, Sportspeople, Hobbyists, Outdoors Enthusiasts


Specialties: Sail, Power, Oared, Paddle, Inflatable




You are skilled in the manufacture of alcohol and alcoholic beverages. You are familiar with the equipment used in brewing and distilling, and can maintain, operate and repair such equipment.

•              Novice: Brew-kit user

••           Practiced: Home winemaker

•••        Competent: Moonshiner

••••     Expert: Commercial winemaker

•••••   Master: Chateau of repute


Possessed by: Hobbyists, Vintners, Moonshiners


Specialties: Wine, Beer, Spirits, Industrial Alcohol




You know how, when and where to grease palms. Coupled with Streetwise or Politics, this Ability could buy you a very easy life. However, you still need to decide whom to approach and whom to leave alone - remember, not everyone turns a blind eye.

•              Novice: Get a bouncer to overlook the dress code.

••           Practiced: Get the building inspector off your back.

•••        Competent: A policeman won't write you tickets.

••••     Expert: The inspector from the EPA leaves you alone.

•••••   Master: State politicians and local CEOs scratch your back.


Possessed by: Politicians, Lobbyists, Business people, Criminals


Specialties: Police, Bureaucrats, Inspectors, Under the Table, Open "Gifts"




You are a competent woodworker, able to craft a variety of objects from wood.

•              Novice: Amateur handyman

••           Practiced: Professional handyman

•••        Competent: Professional carpenter

••••     Expert: Joiner and cabinetmaker or night school teacher

•••••   Master: You have your own TV show; rich clients seek you out.


Possessed by: Carpenters, Furniture Makers, Handymen, Builders


Specialties: Construction, Furniture, Quality Items



You can climb mountains and/or walls, and seldom have any fear of falling. The technical skills of chimneying, spike-setting and rappelling are all well known to you though, depending on your skill, you may be good or indifferent at them. Remember, mountain climbing at night is far more difficult than a daylight climb unless you can see in the dark.

•              Novice: You can scale easy mountains or walls with handholds.

••           Practiced: You go on mountaineering vacations. You can climb heavily weathered stone or brick walls.

•••        Competent: You work in an outdoor pursuits center as a mountaineering instructor. You can climb moderately rough stone or brick walls.

••••     Expert: You've done at least a couple of famous peaks. You can free-climb a fairly smooth stone or brick wall.

•••••   Master: Everest and K2 are mild hikes. You could free-climb the World Trade Center.


Possessed by: Mountaineers, Burglars, Enthusiasts


Specialties: Cliffs, Hiking, Ice, Buildings, Free-Climbing, Rappelling



You know how to prepare a variety of meals, and present them in an appealing manner. Although vampires no longer eat, this can be a very useful social Ability, especially if you like to lure potential vessels to your haven with the promise of a candlelit tκte-ΰ-tκte ...

•              Novice: You give a reasonable dinner party.

••           Practiced: You give an excellent dinner party.

•••        Competent: You could make a business of this.

••••     Expert: You could publish recipe books.

•••••   Master: You could have your own TV show, or become a chef in the finest restaurants.


Possessed by: Housewives or -husbands, Chefs, Gourmets


Specialties: French, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Cajun, Bread, Desserts, Pastries, Cordon Bleu




You are a proficient dancer, and may perform socially or for the entertainment of others. You are familiar with most varieties of dance, but specialize in one particular style.

•              Novice: You can manage a waltz at a wedding.

••           Practiced: You draw envious glances at weddings. You could perform on the local amateur stage.

•••        Competent: You are the talk of the ball. You could perform on the local professional stage.

••••     Expert: People ask you to teach them. You could perform on TV.

•••••   Master: Nijinsky, Fonteyn, Nureyev, Barishnikov, Astaire, Rogers, Kelley and you.


Possessed by: Socialites, Pop Stars, Music Video Dancers, Ballet Dancers, Enthusiasts, Cruise Directors


Specialties: Waltz, Polka, Two-step, Foxtrot, live, Disco, Latin, Show, Ballet




You are skilled at reasoned debate, and can present a convincing case through reason and logic. Combined with Diplomacy, this Ability could make you a first-class negotiator.

•              Novice: Student

••           Practiced: Debate team member

•••        Competent: Union negotiator

••••     Expert: Politician

* * * * Master: You could make fundamentalists understand evolution.


Possessed by: Diplomats, Negotiators, Academics, Politicians, Intellectuals


Specialties: Logic, Politics, Informal, Social Discourse, Morals, Lowbrow, Low Blow




You have a knowledge of explosives and demolitions that allows you to set off and create (at higher levels) all types of bombs. You know how to handle nearly anything, be it dynamite, plastique, nitroglycerin, black powder, blasting cord, nitrocellulose or napalm. Additionally, you know the techniques for disarming explosives.

•              Novice: Guy Fawkes

••           Practiced: The Mad Bomber

•••        Competent: Underground chemist

••••     Expert: You blow up buildings for a living.

•••••   Master: Bye-bye, World Trade Center.


Possessed by: Terrorists, Police Bomb Squads, Armed Forces Personnel


Specialties: Dynamite, Plastic Explosives, Car Bombs, Disarmament, Detection




You can conceal your appearance and even make yourself look like another specific person through the use of clothes and makeup.

•              Novice: Good enough to fool someone who knows neither you nor the person you're impersonating.

••           Practiced: Good enough to fool some of the people some of the time.

•••        Competent: Good enough to fool some of the people most of the time.

••••     Expert: Good enough to fool most of the people most of the time.

•••••   Master: Good enough to fool those nearest and dearest most of the time.


Possessed by: Actors, Spies, Undercover Cops, Criminals, Con Artists


Specialties: Specific Person, Type of Person, Concealing One's Own Identity




You are skilled in various techniques that enable you to escape from bonds and restraints. This skill is primarily used for entertainment purposes, but can also be very useful in real life.

•              Novice: Children's party entertainer; you can escape from loose or poorly tied bonds.

••           Practiced: Amateur entertainer; you can escape from fairly well-tied bonds.

•••        Competent: Professional entertainer; you can escape from handcuffs and chains.

••••     Expert: Star; you can escape from a straitjacket.

•••••   Master: Houdini who?


Possessed by: Entertainers, Spies, Special Forces, Amateurs, Pulp Detectives


Specialties: Magic Tricks, Ropes, Boxes, Locks, Underwater, Handcuffs, Showmanship





Once the sport of nobles, falconry is now practiced only by a few enthusiasts. Combining this Skill with a Discipline like Animalism makes it possible to achieve truly impressive results.

•              Novice: The bird comes back - sometimes.

••           Practiced: You can do small displays.

•••        Competent: You work most of the local medieval fairs and outdoor exhibitions. You can catch enough to subsist.

••••     Expert: In a different time, you would have been a noble admired for your skill, or you could have worked for a noble.

•••••   Master: In a different time, you would have been with the king's entourage.


Possessed by: Professional Falconers, Very Old Vampires, Enthusiastic Amateurs


Specialties: Display, Hunting, History, Exotic Birds (e.g. Harpy Eagle)




This skill allows you to ready a weapon almost instantly. By rolling Dexterity + Fast -Draw and scoring three successes, your can draw a weapon and have it ready for use just as if it had been in your hand all along. The difficulty depends on how securely stowed the weapon is - a gun hidden in a character's underwear is harder to reach than one in a belt holster. This skill can be used with any weapon. When appropriate, the Fast -Draw score can be added to your initiative roll.

•              Novice: You have good reflexes.

••           Practiced: You're good, but not great.

•••        Competent: You would have lasted a little while in the Old West. You could work Wild West shows.

••••     Expert: Pretty fast. You could headline your own act.

•••••   Master: Greased lightning. You might have been able to take Billy the Kid.


Possessed by: Gunfighters, Martial Artists, Cops, Special Forces, Vigilantes


Specialties: Pistol, Knife, Sword, Arrow, Rifle/Shotgun, Sap




This Skill allows you to convince someone of something using a sincere expression and an avalanche of words rather than reasoned debate and logic. It's a surprisingly effective technique, provided that the mark has no time to think and does not have a Wits rating of four or more. The Storyteller should carefully judge whether this Skill is appropriate in a given situation, or whether it would be better to use some other Ability.

•              Novice: Vacuum-cleaner salesman

••           Practiced: Used-car salesman

•••        Competent: Professional con artist

••••     Expert: Teflon-coated politician

•••••   Master: You could sell sand to the Saudis.


Possessed by: Salesmen, Con Artists, Politicians, Televangelists


Specialties: Sell, Confuse, Get Off the Hook, Convince


First Aid


This Skill allows a character to give basic medical attention to another. It is not as comprehensive an Ability as the Medicine Knowledge, but does allow for a basic grasp of all the practices of first aid, and at higher levels, techniques known to paramedics.

Note that vampires cannot benefit from First Aid.

•              Novice: Mother of small children

••           Practiced: Boy Scout

•••        Competent: Office safety representative

••••     Expert: School nurse

•••••   Master: Paramedic


Possessed by: Mothers, Boy Scouts, Paramedics, Explorers, Outdoors Types


Specialties: CPR, Broken Bones, Artificial Respiration, Diagnosis, Terminology




You can judge a body of water, and have a fair chance of catching fish if there are any to be caught. You are familiar with various kinds of fishing equipment.

•              Novice: Weekend angler

••           Practiced: Serious amateur

•••        Competent: Competition winner

••••     Expert: Professional fisherman

•••••   Master: Fish leap onto the shore as you walk by.


Possessed by: Weekend Warriors, Fishing Pros, Outdoors Types, Survivalists, Fishermen


Specialties: Rod & Line, Fly, Deep-Sea, Net, Sharks, Survival




You can copy a document or two-dimensional artwork well enough to enable it to appear as the real thing under casual inspection, and perhaps more detailed inspection as well.

•              Novice: Interoffice memos

••           Practiced: Signatures

•••        Competent: Commercial papers; passports

••••     Expert: Checks; bonds; bank drafts; some artworks

•••••   Master: Banknotes; old master paintings


Possessed by: Criminals, Artists, Schemers


Specialties: Handwriting, Drawings, Paintings, Bonds and Bills, Documents




You are adept at one or more games of chance, and can play without too much risk of losing heavily. You can also increase your chances of winning without actually cheating.

•              Novice: Saturday night poker with the boys

••           Practiced: A couple of weeks in Vegas each year

•••        Competent: You are known in Vegas, Reno and Atlantic City.

••••     Expert: You make a living from this. Your mother despairs.

•••••   Master: You have to be careful not to tell people your name.


Possessed by: Professional Gamblers, Amateur Gamblers


Specialties: Card Games, Dice Games, Roulette, One-Armed Bandits


Game Playing


This Skill covers games of strategy and skill, such as chess, go, shogi, xiang qui, hnefatafl and so on. It does not cover card games (see Gambling), or simple games like tic tac toe and gomoku, which rely largely on luck.

•              Novice: You can beat your older brother.

••           Practiced: You could get on a school team.

•••        Competent: You could get on a college team.

••••     Expert: You could get on a national team.

•••••   Master: You could beat Karpov.


Possessed by: Enthusiasts


Specialties: Chess, Go, Risk, Acquire, Stalingrad, Harpoon, Challenge




You can repair firearms and produce ammunition for a variety of different guns. At high levels of skill, you can construct specialty ammunition such as case-less, hollow-point, mercury -tipped, and silver bullets. Given the time and the tools (and enough skill) you can build a gun from scratch - perhaps even one of your own design.

•              Novice: Black powder and paper cartridges

••           Practiced: Cased standard ammunition

•••        Competent: Magnum rounds

••••     Expert: Case-less and hollow -point rounds

•••••   Master: You name it

Possessed by: Gun Nuts, Survivalists, Cops, Serial Killers

Specialties: Black Powder Weapons, Field Repair, Invention, Magnum and Supercharged Ammunition, Specialty Ammunition


Heavy Weapons


You have the ability to operate and shoot heavy weapons of all varieties - anything from an M60 heavy machine gun to a Dragon antitank weapon. Additionally, your knowledge of the weapons includes an ability to repair them.

•              Novice: Basic training

••           Practiced: Operator

•••        Competent: Warrior

••••     Expert: Killer

•••••   Master: Rambo


Possessed by: Mercenaries, Armed Forces Personnel, SWAT Officers


Specialties: Desert, Jungle, Night Fighting, Friend from Foe, Loading




You can place a willing subject into a trance, and use hypnotism to gather information or treat psychiatric problems. To place a willing subject into a trance, make an opposed roll of your Charisma + Hypnotism against the subject's Intelligence (difficulty 6 for both rolls). An unwilling subject must be immobilized or Dominated to comply (he resists with Willpower). The number of successes indicates the depth of the trance, and can be added to the character's Hypnotism Skill when rolling to ascertain the success of tasks such as gaining information. For example, a hypnotist with Charisma 4 and Hypnotism 4 hypnotizes a willing subject with Intelligence 5. The hypnotist rolls five successes and the subject two - a total of three successes in the hypnotist's favor, indicating a fairly deep trance. The hypnotist can now roll seven dice (three successes plus Hypnotism 4) to probe the subject's mind.

•              Novice: You do it occasionally, primarily to entertain.

••           Practiced: You are a skilled amateur.

•••        Competent: You could open a practice or go on the stage.

••••     Expert: You could write books on the subject.

•••••   Master: Who needs Dominate?


Possessed by: Entertainers, Holistic Healers, New Agers, Police Specialists, Psychiatrists


Specialties: Interrogation, Past-life Regression, Hypnotherapy, Behavior Modification




You have a working knowledge of herbs and their properties, medicinal and otherwise. You can find and prepare herbs, and know which herb or blend of herbs to use in any situation.

•              Novice: Your read a book on it once.

••           Practiced: You are a serious student of herb lore.

•••        Competent: You are a local supplier.

••••     Expert: You've written books on herbalism.

•••••   Master: You could easily function as an apothecary.

Possessed by: Holistic Healers, New Agers, Wizened Old Women, Low -Tech Societies

Specialties: Culinary, Medicinal, Poisonous, Narcotic Hallucinogenic




You are skilled at finding and killing animals for food or sport. In familiar terrain, you are able to predict the type, number and likely location of food animals, and know the best ways to find and kill them.

•              Novice: Weekender

••           Practiced: Enthusiast or trooper

•••        Competent: Survivalist or Marine

••••     Expert: Special Forces

•••••   Master: Lupine

Possessed by: Survivalists, Military Personnel, Pre-industrial Societies, Outdoor Types, Lupines

Specialties: Temperate Forest, Jungle, Bush/Scrub, Mountain, Coast, Arctic, Desert




You are able to produce saleable pieces of jewelry (Dexterity + Jeweler) and appraise jewelry you see (Intelligence + Jeweler). You can determine the approximate worth of most jewelry by quick appraisal, but it is easy to make a mistake without in-depth examination.

•              Novice: You took a night school course once.

••           Practiced: You treat it as a fairly serious hobby.

•••        Competent: You could run a small business.

••••     Expert: This is your chosen career.

•••••   Master: You are up there with Cartier.


Possessed by: Jewelers, Counterfeiters, Pawn Shop Owners

Specialties: Gold, Gems, Antique, Ancient, Mystical, Crystal




You not only know how to write news stories, but also how to research and discover them in the first place. This Skill also gives you knowledge about the inner workings of a newsroom and a newspaper as a whole. Furthermore, Journalism often provides a familiarity with television news reporting.

•              Novice: Hack (TV reporter)

••           Practiced: Features reporter

•••        Competent: Investigative reporter

••••     Expert: Editor

•••••   Master: Pulitzer Prize winner


Possessed by: Freelancers, Editors, Feature Reporters, Photographers, Foreign Correspondents


Specialties: Politics, Sports, Corruption, Business, Deadlines, Editing




You are able to produce serviceable items of leather, either for sale or for your own use.

•              Novice: You got a craft kit for your birthday.

••           Practiced: You make birthday presents for friends and family.

•••        Competent: You sell to local stores.

••••     Expert: People ask for your work by name.

•••••   Master: Your picture appears in magazine ads.


Possessed by: Artisans, Survivalists


Specialties: Clothing, Utensils, Horse Trappings, Special interest Items


Lip Reading


You are able to understand speech without hearing it, just by watching mouth movement. Though you will not pick up on every word, you can usually figure out the gist of a sentence without too much trouble.

•              Novice: If someone talks slowly and clearly, with exaggerated mouth movement.

••           Practiced: If someone talks fairly slowly and you concentrate.

•••        Competent: Under most circumstances.

••••     Expert: Even under bad conditions, including foreign languages, bad light and distance.

•••••   Master: Under just about any conditions.


Possessed by: Hearing-impaired, Spies, Detectives


Specialties: Accents, Drunks, Poor Lighting, Fast Talkers, Surreptitiously


Lock picking


You are able to open locks without the correct key or the right combination. Though this Skill is certainly becoming more and more obsolete with all the new security devices in use, there are enough locks still around to make it worthwhile.

•              Novice: Simple mortise locks

••           Practiced: Cylinder locks and basic security locks

•••        Competent: Advanced security locks

••••     Expert: Safes

•••••   Master: Fort Knox

Possessed by: Burglars, Safecrackers, Spies, Locksmiths

Specialties: Key-Operated Locks, Combination Locks, Mag-Card Locks, Alarm Systems




You are a jack-of-all-trades with a particular affinity for mechanical devices, and can jerry -rig or repair just about anything mechanical, given the right tools and materials.

•              Novice: You can fix a broken doorbell.

••           Practiced: You can fix a lawnmower or scratch-build a doorbell.

•••        Competent: You can fix a car or build an automatic garage door.

••••     Expert: You can fix a high-performance car or rebuild an engine.

•••••   Master: You can fix, build or improve almost anything.


Possessed by: Mechanics, Car Nuts, Hobbyists


Specialties: Electrical, Cars, Domestic, Inventing




You are able to enter a trance-like state at will, focusing your mind inward and dealing with a range of mental and physical problems. A successful Meditation roll (difficulty 7) is necessary to enter this state; after each full hour, the character rolls Meditation (difficulty 9). Dice from the character's Dice Pool are subtracted if there are any distractions during that time. Each success on the second roll restores one point of Willpower; each botch result indicates that a Willpower point is lost. If the meditation is interrupted and concentration is lost before the hour is up, no benefits are gained.

•              Novice: You read a book on it once.

••           Practiced: You are a serious student.

•••        Competent: You have studied under a master.

••••     Expert: You are qualified to teach.

•••••   Master: Just that.


Possessed by: Yogis, Mystics, Holistic Healers, New Agers, Old Hippies


Specialties: Tantric, Transcendental, Yogic, New Age




You know how to use a parachute, both for sport and for other purposes.

•              Novice: Weekend jumper

••           Practiced: Reservist

•••        Competent: Airborne regular

••••     Expert: Special Forces or sport instructor

•••••   Master: Special Forces instructor or sport champion


Possessed by: Sport Parachutists, Military, Flying Enthusiasts


Specialties: Skydiving, Mass Deployment, Escape, HALO (High Altitude, Low Open), Display




You know how to use a camera to produce quality and artistic pictures. You also know how to process photographic materials.

•              Novice: Local club member

••           Practiced: Local club prizewinner

•••        Competent: Semi-pro; you sell some pictures.

••••     Expert: Professional photographer

•••••   Master: One of the best


Possessed by: Artists, Journalists, Enthusiasts, Police Specialists


Specialties: Art, Photojournalism, Portraits, Forensic, X-ray, Photolithography




You are able to remove objects from someone else's clothing and body without the person's knowledge, even if the objects in question are in an inside pocket. You generally bump into the person to distract her as you remove the object.

*Novice: You can take wallets in a dense crowd.

••           Practiced: You can take a wallet from an inside pocket.

•••        Competent: You can take a keychain from a trouser pocket.

••••     Expert: You can take a watch while shaking hands.

•••••   Master: You can take anything from anywhere.


Possessed by: Criminals


Specialties: Pockets, Watches, Chains, Getaways




You can operate a flying machine. Note that your skill limits the types of aircraft you can fly. A glider pilot (one dot) cannot fly a helicopter (requiring four dots).

•              Novice: Club member; hang gliders only

••           Practiced: Club champion; gliders and small aircraft only

•••        Competent: Professional or club instructor; commercial airplane license

••••     Expert: Military or display pilot; helicopter pilot; any type of commercial aircraft

•••••   Master: Top Gun

Possessed by: Enthusiasts, Pilots, Military, Police


Specialties: Night Flying, Thermals, Dogfights, Long Distances, Takeoffs and Landings, Gliders, Helicopters, Light Planes, Corporate Jets, Commercial/Transport Jets, Fighter Jets, Vintage Planes, Auto gyros, Blimps, Balloons, Hang Gliders, Micro-lights


Police Procedure


You know the general techniques and procedures employed by law enforcement authorities, and may utilize them yourself (especially if you were once a police officer).

•              Novice: Recruit

••           Practiced: Patrol officer

•••        Competent: Detective

* * * *Expert: Police lieutenant

•••••   Master: Only a master criminal would need to know this much.


Possessed by: Police Officers, Attorneys, Reporters, Private Detectives, FBI Agents, Serial Killers


Specialties: APBs, Reports, Detectives, Autopsies




You are able to make and fire ceramic items, either for artistic or practical purposes.

•              Novice: Hobbyist

••           Practiced: Enthusiastic hobbyist; night school student

•••        Competent: Professional; night school instructor

••••     Expert: Craftsperson; growing business

•••••   Master: Household name


Possessed by: Artisans, members of pre-industrial communities


Specialties: Vessels, Sculptures, Models, Moldings




You are skilled in diagnosing and treating mental ailments (such as Derangements) without resorting to the use of behavior -altering drugs. During a session of analysis, you may roll Intelligence + Psychoanalysis (difficulty of the subject's Intelligence + 3 ). Keep track of your net successes; the Storyteller will decide how many successes are necessary to remove the Derangement. Even Freud couldn't cure people in a single session, so be patient! Note that it is possible to treat an unwilling patient this way, though the difficulty of so doing is equal to the subject's Willpower + 3.

No amount of Psychoanalysis can cure a Malkavian's initial Derangement.

•              Novice: A shoulder to cry on

••           Practiced: Volunteer counselor

•••        Competent: Professional counselor

••••     Expert: Qualified psychoanalyst

•••••   Master: Freud


Possessed by: Psychoanalysts, Holistic Healers, Good Listeners, Counselor s, Parents, Teachers, Priests


Specialties: Freudian, Jungian, Humanist, Ericksonian, Holistic, Wiccan, Childhood, Psychosis, Neurosis, Self, Sympathy, Terminology,




You are highly skilled at finding information from conventional sources. Given time and a good library, you can assemble the sum of human knowledge on almost any topic.

•              Novice: Undergrad

••           Practiced: Grad student or research assistant

•••        Competent: Professor

••••     Expert: Research fellow

•••••   Master: Human database


Possessed by: Academics, Advertising Execs, Authors, Detectives


Specialties: Any Knowledge




You can climb onto a riding animal and stand a good chance of getting where you want to go without falling off, being thrown or having anything else unpleasant happen to you. When attempting something difficult, or when danger threatens, the Storyteller may require a Dexterity + Ride roll to avoid trouble. This Skill can also be combined with Mental Attributes to reflect your working knowledge of the relevant trappings and equipment.

•              Novice: Pony club member; dude ranch vacations

••           Practiced: Pony club champion; weekend cowboy

•••        Competent: Pony club instructor; professional cowboy

••••     Expert: Show jumping champion; rodeo star

•••••   Master: Stunt rider


Possessed by: Enthusiasts, Cowboys, Stunt Riders, members of preindustrial societies


Specialties: Bareback, Horse, Mule, Camel, Elephant, Gallop, Tricks, No Hands




You are proficient in the use of an aqualung (unnecessary for the Kindred), and are familiar with the many dangers of diving (such as sharks and the bends).

•              Novice: Once a year, on vacation

••           Practiced: Local club member

•••        Competent: Instructor

••••     Expert: Pro diver

•••••   Master: Navy SEAL


Possessed by: Enthusiasts, Military, Treasure Hunters, Marine Biologists


Specialties: Cold Water, Reef, Deep-Sea, Recreational




You can sing over a wide range, with a variety of styles and techniques. Singing is an extremely lucrative and popular Skill in the modern age. Though most singers are amateurs, others make enormous amounts of money.

•              Novice: You stand out when the family gathers around the piano.

••           Practiced: You could get lead roles with local amateur societies, or become a lead singer with a garage band.

•••        Competent: You could get a choral part on the professional stage, or get a recording contract.

••••     Expert: You could get a lead on Broadway or a record on the charts.

•••••   Master: They'll be playing your CDs 20 years from now.


Possessed by: Church Choir sisters, Rock Musicians, Pop Stars, Opera Singers, Drunks


Specialties: Opera, Easy Listening, Rock, Church, Musicals




You can travel on skis for sport or transportation with little chance of a mishap. You can read snow, and know where it is safe and where it is not - under most circumstances.

•              Novice: Vacation skier

••           Practiced: Enthusiast

•••        Competent: Ski bum

••••     Expert: Hot-dogged, ski champ, Arctic forces

•••••   Master: Olympic medalist, elite forces


Possessed by: Sportsmen, Military, Arctic and Mountain Inhabitants


Specialties: Cross-Country, Downhill, Ski-jumping, Snowboarding, Stunts


Sleight of Hand


The quickness of your hands can deceive the eyes of others. You can perform magic tricks and other feats of legerdemain.

•              Novice: Card tricks at Christmas

••           Practiced: Children's parties

•••        Competent: Stage magician

••••     Expert: TV magician

* * * * *Master: A legend in your own time


Possessed by: Stage Magicians, Thieves


Specialties: Produce Item, Conceal Item, Amuse


Speed Reading


Through practice, you have developed the ability to read and absorb large quantities of written material in a short time.

•              Novice: The New York Times in an hour

••           Practiced: A novel in two to three hours

•••        Competent: A textbook in two to three hours

••••     Expert: A fat textbook in two to three hours

•••••   Master: War & Peace in two to three hours


Possessed by: Academics, Literary Critics, Journalists, Researchers


Specialties: Technical, Fiction, Newspaper, Research, Cramming




You know how to inflict pain. Your ability is so precise as to be a science. You are capable of interrogating prisoners through torture and prolonging their suffering, keeping them barely alive - or undead.

•              Novice: You know how to hurt people in different ways.

••           Practiced: You are good at causing extreme pain and can keep someone alive for interrogation purposes.

•••        Competent: You are equal to a military torturer. You can create pain never experienced by most.

••••     Expert: You are equal to a professional torturer. You are able to get almost any information you want out of your subject.

•••••   Master: You are an artist and a scientist of pain and suffering.


Possessed by: Military Interrogators, Prison Guards, Nazi "Doctors"


Specialties: Exotic Methods, Prolonging Life, Pain, Flagellation




You can identify the trail of an animal or person, and follow it under most conditions. The difficulty of such a feat varies according to the conditions - following fresh tracks in deep snow is easier than following week-old tracks across a concrete sidewalk!

•              Novice: Boy Scout

••           Practiced: Eagle Scout

•••        Competent: Hunter

••••     Expert: Indian tracker

•••••   Master: Grizzly Adams; Tonto


Possessed by: Hunters, Survivalists, Special Forces, Detectives


Specialties: Wolf, Deer, Rock, Urban, Identification




You know how to set various types of traps according to the type of game you want to catch.

•              Novice: Boy Scout

••           Practiced: Weekend survivalist

•••        Competent: Outdoorsman

••••     Expert: Mountain man

•••••   Master: Grizzly Adams


Possessed by: Trappers, Special Forces, inhabitants of remote places


Specialties: Specific Species, Deadfalls, Pits



Clan Knowledge


You have knowledge about a particular clan of vampires that no outsider should possess. You are aware of the clan's practices, rituals and secrets, and can put that knowledge to good use. However, members of the clan in question may not like the fact that an outsider has a handle on proprietary information, and may act to plug any such security leaks.

Note: This knowledge only grants information about one particular clan. Clan Knowledge must be purchased separately for each clan of Expertise.

•              Novice: You can spot a member of the clan with reasonably accuracy.

••           Practiced: You know how the clan is set up, and can separate myth from fact.

•••        Competent: Most of the clan's basic layout and procedure is known to you.

••••     Expert: You know the clan's secrets as well as anyone.

•••••   Master: You know more about the clan than most of its members do.


Possessed By: Kindred, Hunters, Ambitious Ghouls, Arcanum Scholars


Specialties: Power Structure, Chain of Command, Secrets, Movers and Shakers.



Computer Hacking


You can use your computer to insert your virtual presence into systems where you don't belong. With this knowledge, you can crack computer security and some forms of encryption and otherwise perform feats of data piracy and sabotage that would win the approbation of other hackers as well as an arrest warrant from the FBI. Best of all, you can do this while covering your tracks.

•              Novice: You can guess others' passwords.

••           Practiced: You know all of the basic back doors to popular operating systems.

•••        Competent: You know how to get yourself root access on a fair number of systems.

••••     Expert: You can find security loopholes and exploit them within days of a software package's release.

•••••   Master: You can cut through military security or tap into Wall Street.

Possessed By: Hackers, NSA Agents, Phone Phreaks, Security Specialists


Specialties: Phone Phreaking, Military Security, Financials, Viruses, Encryption, Password Theft, Back Doors




Economics is the study of how money moves and its effects. You can predict, with reasonable accuracy, financial trends and patterns, and you have a leg up on others in matters of investment. You are well-aware of the effects of the Kindred on world markets, and can estimate what sort of effects vampiric dabbling’s can have on whole industries or nations.

•              Novice: You have a notion of what a capitalist economy is.

••           Practiced: You know that "the invisible hand" isn't part of an Obfuscated Nosferatu.

•••        Competent: The Financial News Network makes sense to you.

••••     Expert: You can spot trends and accurately predict recessions with ease.

•••••   Master: You know how the world economy works – all of it.


Possessed By: Economists, Brokers, Financial Advisors, Ventrue, Corporate Raiders


Specialties: Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Game Theory, High Finance, Investment




You are familiar with the record of events, mortal and immortal. You can place events in historical context, and even detect Kindred influence on the stream of mortal history. Your Expertise may well allow you to uncover evidence of vampiric activity, ranging from resting places of elders to evidence of specific individuals' involvement in affairs.

•              Novice: You know the basics of history without knowing many of the specifics.

••           Practiced: You can pick out historical errors on television programs and in movies.

•••        Competent: You have a solid grasp on the field, and have specialized in a particular area.

••••     Expert: You are a recognized Expert in the field; grad students footnote your works.

•••••   Master: All of the past is an open book to you.


Possessed By: Historians, Elders, Documentary Filmmakers, Academics, Recreationists


Specialties: Military History, Social History, National or Ethnic Histories, Kindred History




You have knowledge of psychology in both theory and practice. You are familiar with psychological approaches, counseling techniques and so on. You are also conversant with the pathology of the mind, and can make a diagnosis of a subject's dysfunction given sufficient time to observe him.

•              Novice: You've read the classics of the field.

••           Practiced: You can separate what Freud actually said from what people think Freud said.

•••        Competent: You could set up a practice and do reasonably well with it.

••••     Expert: You are an Expert on psychological theory – and know when and how to apply it.

•••••   Master: You can understand others' thought patterns, motivations and Psychological Flaws from just a few short conversations


Possessed By: Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Counselors, Social Workers, Marketing Executives, Empowerment Gurus


Specialties: Freudian, Jungian, Lacanian, Pop Psychology, Neuropsychology, Psychopathology, Mob Psychology




You can set up and keep accounts in the commercially approved, conventional manner. You can also interpret accounts and find errors, tricks and embezzlement.

•              Novice: Night school

* Practiced: Junior clerk

•••        Competent: Senior clerk or junior partner

••••     Expert: Senior partner

•••••   Master: Nothing escapes you.


Possessed by: Business people, IRS Investigators


Specialties: Small Business, Large Corporation, Governmental, Taxes




You are familiar with the writings of the classical and medieval alchemists, and you also have some practical experience. This Ability is indirectly related to the Knowledge of Chemistry, in a manner similar to the relationship between Astronomy and Astrology. You can interpret al-chemical texts, and you understand the various symbols and ciphers used by the alchemists even when you find them in a non-alchemical context.

•              Novice: A mere dabbler

••           Practiced: Apprentice, probably still dependent on a master for instruction

•••        Competent: Journeyman, capable of making your own way, but with a long road still to travel

••••     Expert: Experienced alchemist, within reach of the greatest secrets

•••••   Master: Maybe that lead into gold thing can really work.


Possessed by: Occultists, Scholars, some Scientists


Specialties: Transmutation, Cosmology, Lapis Philosophorum




You have studied the human phenomenon of society in many of its forms, and understand its basic rules and structures on a theoretical level. You also have some specific knowledge about one or more contemporary preindustrial societies.

•              Novice: Student

••           Practiced: Grad student or research assistant

•••        Competent: Professor or veteran fieldworker

••••     Expert: Head of department in major university

•••••   Master: Leading light of the field; your work shapes the future of the subject.


Possessed by: Scholars


Specialties: Physical, Social, Ancient, Theoretical, specific cultures




You have studied the remains of the past and the processes by which they are preserved and discovered. You can interpret archaeological remains and identify the likely origin of ancient artifacts; you also know a fair amount about one or more ancient cultures.

•              Novice: Undergrad or amateur

••           Practiced: Graduate student or research assistant

•••        Competent: Professor

••••     Expert: Research fellow

•••••   Master: Doyen


Possessed by: Scholars, Enthusiastic Amateurs, Popular Authors


Specialties: Prehistoric Europe, Classical, Central America, Excavation, Underwater Archeology, Theory, Paleopathology, Paleoecology




You are trained in the design of buildings, from both functional and aesthetic points of view. You can judge where the load-bearing elements of a building are and interpret architectural plans. You instinctively know where the safest places are in the event of an explosion or earthquake.

•              Novice: Student

••           Practiced: Office junior

•••        Competent: Junior partner

••••     Expert: Senior partner

•••••   Master: Frank Lloyd Wright

Possessed by: Architects, Structural Engineers

Specialties: Houses, Office Buildings, Public Works, Gothic


Area Knowledge


You are familiar with an area - usually a city - and know a fair amount about its structure, history, geography and mortal politics. This Knowledge does not include Kindred affairs, which are covered by the Knowledges of Kindred Lore and City Secrets (below).

•              Novice: You know a fair amount for an outsider.

••           Practiced: You may have lived there for a year or two.

•••        Competent: You may have lived there for 510 years.

••••     Expert: You're native born, and never left.

•••••   Master: You could write the definitive book on the area.

Possessed by: Locals, Cops, Reporters, Cab Drivers

Specialties: History, Geography, Politics, Transportation, Law


Art History


You have studied art as an academic rather than practical subject, and know a great deal about its history. By looking at a piece of art, you have a good chance of identifying its place and period of origin, and in most cases you can name the artist without looking for a signature. You also have a fair idea of a piece's current market price.

•              Novice: Student or amateur

••           Practiced: Grad student or enthusiastic amateur

•••        Competent: Professor or auction house bigwig

••••     Expert: Research fellow or auction house chief

•••••   Master: Head of a museum


Possessed by: Scholars, Enthusiasts, Auction House Personnel


Specialties: Classical, Renaissance, Masters, Impressionists, Primitive, American, Ethnographic




You know how to compile and interpret a horoscope. Given the date and time (and, according to some systems, the place) of a person's birth, you can construct a personality profile and a set of predictions about the likely course of his life. Whether you actually believe these revelations is a matter of personal taste, but you can present them in a convincing and pleasing manner to those who do believe

•              Novice: You merely dabble.

••           Practiced: Friends ask you to make horoscopes for them.

•••        Competent: You could run a small astrology business.

••••     Expert: You could have a syndicated newspaper column.

•••••   Master: You could work for celebrities and politicians.


Possessed by: Astrologers, Amateurs, Mystics, New Agers, Old Hippies


Specialties: Solar Horoscope, Ming Shu, Zu Wei




You study the heavens and their movements from a scientific rather than a mystical standpoint. You can identify most constellations, operate an astronomical telescope, predict sunspots, eclipses and comets, and identify most heavenly phenomena.

•              Novice: Student or amateur

••           Practiced: Grad student or enthusiastic amateur

•••        Competent: Professor or Doyen of local society

••••     Expert: Research fellow, TV host or NASA hotshot

•••••   Master: Renowned scholar or NASA team leader


Possessed by: Scholars, Amateurs, NASA operations staff


Specialties: Planets, Galaxies, Quasars, Novas and Nebulae, Black Holes, Big Bang Theory.




You know about the nature of life, the forms it takes, and the way living organisms work. You have a reasonable chance of identifying a plant or creature, even from a fragment. You must have at least one dot in Science before you can acquire this Knowledge.

•              Novice: High school

••           Practiced: College student

•••        Competent: Grad student

••••     Expert: Professor

•••••   Master: Research fellow


Possessed by: Scholars, Outdoors persons, Gangrel


Specialties: Botany, Zoology, Ecology, Paleontology


Camarilla Lore


You know information about the Camarilla. You know who many of the princes are, who many of the real rulers are, details about the Masquerade, Camarilla history, legend and propaganda.

•              Novice: What just about all Camarilla Kindred know

••           Practiced: What most Ventrue know

•••        Competent: What most Nosferatu or Tremere know

••••     Expert: What most princes know

•••••   Master: What most Methuselah's know

Possessed by: Camarilla Kindred, Inquisitors, Sabbat Spies

Specialties: History, Legends, Famous Rulers, Princes, Strategies, Current Activities, Secrets, Propaganda




You have studied the nature of substances and their interactions, and know how to prepare various chemical compounds. You also know how to deal with various hazardous substances. You must have at least one dot in Science before you can acquire this Knowledge.

•              Novice: High school

••           Practiced: College student

•••        Competent: Grad student

••••     Expert: Professor

•••••   Master: Research fellow


Possessed by: Scholars, Pharmacists, Scientists


Specialties: Organic, Inorganic, Analysis, Safety



City Secrets


This Knowledge describes a character's knowledge of a particular city (you choose which); who is who, who has power, how its vampires relate to one another and what is going on. In Chicago by Night, this Knowledge was called Secrets. This Knowledge cannot be taken during character generation; it can only be obtained through direct experience. At the end of some stories, the Storyteller will announce the maximum number of experience points a character can allot to this Knowledge, based on what each character has discovered during the course of the story.

Note that information about each Kindred community is a separate Knowledge; knowing about the Kindred of Chicago gives a character no information about the Kindred of Los Angeles, for instance.

•              Novice: Whelp

••           Practiced: Naive or inexperienced

•••        Competent: You have an ear to the ground

••••     Expert: Well-informed

•••••   Master: Seasoned intriguer


Possessed by: Vampires, some Fearless Witch-Hunters


Specialties: Prince, Primogen, Secret Powers, Anarchs, Influences, Sabbat Presence, Havens, Masquerade


Clan Knowledge


You know information pertaining to a clan (generally, but not always, your own). This information is not privy to most and it may have taken years for you to discover any useful information. Many clan members know very little about their heritage, usually because they do not care to find out.

•              Novice: What some clan members know

••           Practiced: What most ancillae know

•••        Competent: What most elders know

••••     Expert: What most Methuselah's know

•••••   Master: What only the clan leader knows


Possessed by: Clan Members, Tremere, Nosferatu


Specialties: Gossip, Membership, Legends, History, Gatherings


Computer Hacking


The player must have at least two dots in Computer before purchasing this Knowledge. Hacking allows the computer user to break the rules. It is not a programming skill - that requires the Computer Knowledge. Hacking represents an imaginative faculty above and beyond the use of the programming codes. In the binary computer world of yes/no, hacking represents the little bit of genius that says, "Well, maybe."

When is Hacking used rather than the Computer Knowledge? When the user is breaking into other computer systems or trying to manipulate data in "real time." The Computer Ability is used for programming or other miscellaneous tasks. Hacking is used most often as a complementary Ability to Computer, but it can aid programming by allowing the character to work faster or to crack military codes that a normal programmer would not even be able to figure out.

•              Novice: You are a computer geek who knows a few tricks, such as changing your grades in the university computer network.

••           Practiced: You have great "luck" in guessing computer passwords.

•••        Competent: You thought your electric bill was too high last month, but you can fix that with a few keystrokes.

••••     Expert: Now that you have cracked the bank codes, which is it: Rio or Bermuda?

•••••   Master: The European Community was pretty annoyed about that thermonuclear incident, but you know they can never trace it back to you.


Possessed by: Computer Geeks, CIA Operatives


Specialties: Viruses, Data Retrieval, Networking, Telecommunications




You have studied the nature of crime - when, where, how and why it is committed, the nature of the criminal mind and the history of famous cases. You are an expert on crime and law enforcement.

•              Novice: Amateur

••           Practiced: Enthusiast

•••        Competent: Scholar or detective

••••     Expert: Criminal historian or senior detective

•••••   Master: The Shadow

Possessed by: Police, Authors, Enthusiasts, Criminal Psychologists

Specialties: Serial Killings, Unsolved Crimes, Jack the Ripper, Criminal Psychology




You may skillfully compose and interpret codes and ciphers. You can construct a code that can only be cracked by someone who scores as many successes as you have dots in this Knowledge. You can also crack a code, rolling this Knowledge against a difficulty assigned by the Storyteller depending on the code's complexity.

•              Novice: Grade-school spy fan

••           Practiced: Word puzzle buff, military signals officer

•••        Competent: Intelligence officer

••••     Expert: Intelligence cipher specialist

•••••   Master: James Bond


Possessed by: Spies, Puzzle Buffs, Military Signals Personnel


Specialties: Letter Shifts, Mathematical Encryption, Obscure Character Sets




You know what an economy is and how one works. Coupled with Area Knowledge, this Ability enables you to determine the origin and destination of every penny in the city. You can study a city or country and gain a fair understanding of its economic condition and the reasons for such.

•              Novice: High school

••           Practiced: College student

•••        Competent: Grad student or business journalist

••••     Expert: Professor or economic consultant

•••••   Master: Research fellow or presidential advisor

Possessed by: Scholars, Economists, Business people, Politicians, Barroom Pundits

Specialties: Private Sector, Public Sector, Stock Market, Taxes, International




You are familiar with the construction and operation of electronic devices. You can identify the function of an unknown electronic device, and diagnose and repair a malfunctioning or broken device given time and equipment. Note that electronic devices are not the same as electrically powered mechanical devices - a hair dryer is mechanical, a radio is electronic.

•              Novice: Tinkerer

••           Practiced: Ham radio operator

•••        Competent: TV repairman

••••     Expert: Computer engineer

•••••   Master: Computer hardware designer

Possessed by: Enthusiasts, Service Engineers, Inventors

Specialties: Radio/TV, Control Systems, Information Systems




You can understand, design and diagnose faults in mechanical systems of all kinds. You may not actually be able to build and fix them - such activities fall under the purview of the Mechanic Skill - but you can design a set of plans from which a skilled mechanic can build almost anything from a toaster to an airplane.

•              Novice: Amateur

••           Practiced: Student

•••        Competent: Junior engineer

••••     Expert: Chief engineer

•••••   Master: Ace inventor


Possessed by: Engineers, Model Makers, Inventors


Specialties: Automotive, Air, Marine, Domestic, Maintenance/Repair, Invention


Faerie Lore


You possess information pertaining to the Seelie and Unseelie faeries, and know something of their great kingdom: Arcadia. Because Kindred are unable to travel to this realm, most of your knowledge is hearsay, and thus difficult to verify.

•              Novice: Your knowledge is largely speculation and hearsay.

••           Practiced: You know some relevant facts.

•••        Competent: You possess a general knowledge of their ways.

••••     Expert: You possess expansive knowledge.

•••••   Master: You think you know the secrets of these creatures.


Possessed by: Faeries, Lupines, Occultists, Vampires, Magi, Witch-Hunters


Specialties: Enchanting Music, Faerie Food, Somniare, Atlantium, Antrum, Caelum, Barathrum, Tartarus




You are trained in the recognition and interpretation of physical clues. You can examine the scene of a crime, for instance, and find out the race, sex, build, hair color, clothing type and probable social class of everyone who was there in the last three to four days. You can examine a body and discover the cause and probable circumstances of death.

•              Novice: Amateur sleuth

••           Practiced: Detective, FBI agent

•••        Competent: Police specialist

••••     Expert: FBI specialist

•••••   Master: Sherlock who?


Possessed by: Amateur Detectives, Police, FBI


Specialties: Scene of Crime, Pathology, Ballistics, Fingerprints




You have studied the physical composition of the earth. You know something about the physics and chemistry of rock, the formation of landscape features, and other related topics. You can identify the type and probable source of a piece of stone; evaluate a likely place to look for oil, precious metals and gems; and identify and refine ores. One dot in Science is necessary to take this Knowledge.

•              Novice: High school

••           Practiced: College student

•••        Competent: Grad student or oilman

••••     Expert: Professor or prospecting consultant

•••••   Master: Research fellow


Possessed by: Scholars, Oilmen, Prospectors, Outdoors Types, Miners, Structural Engineers


Specialties: Petrology, Geomorphology, Prospecting, Paleontology, Engineering




You have studied the art and language of heraldry, and can interpret a heraldic device such as a coat of arms or a Japanese mon. You can also design a new one that the ruling authorities of heraldry would find acceptable. Successful recognition of a heraldic device automatically imparts a small amount of information about the family or organization to which it belongs.

•              Novice: Amateur

••           Practiced: Enthusiast or historian

•••        Competent: Grad student or genealogist

••••     Expert: Professor or junior herald

•••••   Master: Research fellow or king of arms


Possessed by: Enthusiasts, Historians, Genealogists, Heralds


Specialties: British, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Scandinavian, Japanese, Modern, Mercantile




You have studied the history of the world or of a specific area or period, and understand what happened, when, why, and who was involved. You also have a fair idea of social, political, economic and technological conditions in various past times and places. Note that in the case of vampires, this Knowledge relates only to times and places that are outside their direct experience. For instance, a vampire born in ancient Rome would rely on memory for knowledge of Roman history and culture, but would use History to uncover information about classical Greece, which was before his time, or about Tokugawa Japan which was outside his experience.

•              Novice: Amateur or high school

••           Practiced: Enthusiast or college student

•••        Competent: Grad student or author

••••     Expert: Professor

•••••   Master: Research fellow


Possessed by: Enthusiasts, Scholars


Specialties: Political, Intellectual, Social, Economic, Technological, Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, Modern, Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa, Australia


Kindred Lore


This Knowledge cannot be taken during character generation; it can only be obtained through direct experience. Kindred Lore reflects a character's knowledge of the great secrets of the Kindred. the Jihad, Gehenna, the Antediluvians, Methuselah's, Inconnu and the Book of Nod. At the end of some stories, the Storyteller will announce the maximum number of experience points a character can allot to the acquisition or improvement of this Knowledge, based on what each character has discovered during the course of the story. Unlike the Occult Knowledge, most of what you know about your subject is actually true (though certainly not all).

•              Novice: But a whelp

••           Practiced: Still mostly unfamiliar

•••        Competent: Broad familiarity with the legends

••••     Expert: Knows a few of the great secrets

•••••   Master: Possessor of some of the great secrets


Possessed by: Vampires, some Fearless Witch-Hunters


Specialties: Jyhad, Inconnu, Antediluvians, Caine, Book of Nod, Gehenna




You are familiar with the literature of one or more nations or historical periods, and know something of the general style and structure of literature - the things that set literature apart from mere fiction or entertainment. You can usually find a witty and appropriate quote, or identify a quotation if you see one.

•              Novice: High school

••           Practiced: College student or struggling author

•••        Competent: Grad student or critic

••••     Expert: Professor or recognized author

•••••   Master: Research fellow or celebrated author


Possessed by: Scholars, Authors, Critics, Culture Vultures


Specialties: The Novel, Poetry, Drama, English, American, European, Classical, Medieval, Asian, Islamic


Lupine Lore


You possess information pertaining to werewolves- what they eat, when they gather, their strengths and their weaknesses. You can use this Knowledge to discover how best to combat them, or how to bring about a peace between their tribes and you. Unlike the Occult Knowledge, most of what you believe about your subject is actually true (though certainly not all).

•              Novice: Your knowledge is largely speculation and hearsay.

••           Practiced: You know some relevant facts.

•••        Competent: You possess a general understanding of your subject.

••••     Expert: You possess expansive knowledge.

•••••   Master: You know as much about them as they do themselves.


Possessed by: Vampires, Magi, Witch-Hunters


Specialties: Tribes, Totems, Spirit Guides, Packs, Ancestors


Mage Lore


You are familiar with the lore of magic and witchcraft. You know of the ancient orders of wizards: their cabals, covenants, and secret rituals. More importantly, you also know about their modern counterparts. Unlike the Occult Knowledge, most of what you believe about your subject is actually true (though certainly not all).

•              Novice: Your knowledge is largely speculation and hearsay.

••           Practiced: You know some relevant facts.

•••        Competent: You possess basic knowledge of the mystic ways.

••••     Expert: You possess expansive knowledge.

•••••   Master: You understand the theory of magic.


Possessed by: Vampires, Mages Witch-Hunters


Specialties: Rituals, Wicca, Astrology, Order of Hermes, Kabala, Mystic Traditions




You have studied the science of numbers; you are able to perform complex calculations and understand mathematical concepts beyond basic arithmetic. Given part or all of a calculation, you can probably decipher what it is intended to achieve.

•              Novice: High school

••           Practiced: College student

•••        Competent: Grad student or scientist

••••     Expert: Professor

•••••   Master: Research fellow


Possessed by: Scholars, Scientists


Specialties: Pure Mathematics, Mechanics, Statistics




You know about the properties and behavior of metals and alloys. Given time and equipment, you can identify almost any metal or alloy from a sample. You know the melting points, stress limits and other characteristics of most common metals and alloys. You must have at least one dot in Science to take this Knowledge.

•              Novice: Student

••           Practiced: Grad student or apprentice

•••        Competent: Professor or engineer

••••     Expert: Engineer

•••••   Master: Chief engineer

Possessed by: Scholars, Engineers, Inventors

Specialties: Iron, Steel, Copper Alloys, High-Stress Alloys, Conductors




Either through study or experience, you know a thing or two about weather. You can tell if it's going to rain this afternoon, tonight or tomorrow; what the chance of snow is; or whether the skies will be cloudy or clear for the next few days. You can predict what the day's high and low temperatures will be, and so on.

•              Novice: High school

••           Practiced: College, weekend camper or TV weatherman

•••        Competent: Grad student or outdoor enthusiast

••••     Expert: Professor or farmer

•••••   Master: God calls you up and tells you.

Possessed by: Scholars, TV Weathermen, Outdoors Types, Farmers

Specialties: Theoretical, Local Area, Prediction


Military Science


Through intensive study or actual battle experience, you are familiar with the techniques needed to conduct a military campaign. Your knowledge spans the spectrum of war, from the tactics required to command a 10-man squad to the grand strategy needed to command whole armies. You know how best to deploy your forces, cut off supply lines and capture vital territory.

•              Novice: Citadel graduate

••           Practiced: NCO

•••        Competent: Brigadier general

••••     Expert: Julius Caesar

•••••   Master: Sun Tzu


Possessed by: Military Personnel, Ex-Knights, War gamers, Black Hand Warriors


Specialties: Phalanx, Large-Scale, One-on-One, Modern, Sieges, Sabbat




You are a student of animal behavior. Through study or experience, you know when and where to find certain animals, how to watch them without provoking them to run away or attack you, and how they react to certain things. You can, by reading natural signs, predict whether there is a predator or some other threat in the area, and can interpret an animal's mood through its behavior.

•              Novice: Boy Scout

••           Practiced: Outdoors type

•••        Competent: TV nature show host

••••     Expert: Seasoned fieldworker

•••••   Master: David Attenborough


Possessed by: Biologists, Outdoor Types, Hunters, Farmers, Wildlife Photographers, Lupines


Specialties: Temperate Forest, Jungle, Plains, Mountains, Coast, Arctic, Desert



You have a formal education in the science of human nature. You know the modern theories of emotion, cognitive development, personality, perception and learning. Though this is largely a scholarly understanding of the human psyche, it can be used practically, to understand those around you.

•              Novice: High school

••           Practiced: College student

•••        Competent: Grad student

••••     Expert: Professor

•••••   Master: Theorist

Possessed by: Teachers, Researchers, Scientists,


Counselors, Psychologists


Specialties: Behaviorism, Freudian, Jungian, Humanist, Developmental, Experimental, Animals




You have studied the science of matter, its composition and its behavior. You can calculate masses and velocities without even thinking about so doing, you know a little about why the universe is the way it is, and you might even understand the Theory of Relativity. You can understand and interpret physical data, the notes of other physicists, and experimental or laboratory equipment. You must have at least one dot in Science to take this Knowledge.

•              Novice: High school

••           Practiced: College student

•••        Competent: Grad student

••••     Expert: Professor

•••••   Master: Research fellow


Possessed by: Scholars, Engineers, Scientists


Specialties: Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Hydrodynamics, Aerodynamics, Astrophysics, Optics, Electronics, Nuclear, Theoretical, Applied


Sabbat Lore

You know information available only to members of the Sabbat. If you are not Sabbat and you possess this Knowledge, you had better keep it a secret. If the Sabbat were to find out, your unlife expectancy would plummet. You know Sabbat history, legends, rituals, tactics, strategies and much more.

•              Novice: What almost all Sabbat know

••           Practiced: What most Sabbat priests know

•••        Competent: What most Sabbat bishops know

••••     Expert: What most Sabbat archbishops know

•••••   Master: What the prisci, cardinals and Regent know


Possessed by: Archons, Sabbat


Specialties: History, Auctoritas Ritae Famous Sabbat, Local Sabbat, Propaganda


Sewer Lore


You know much about sewers in general and a great deal about the sewer system in your own city. This is valuable because it allows you to know what tunnels to take to go where you want to go. You know where the havens of the Nosferatu are, and you know where the city's Giovanni meet. You may know of other creatures in the sewers. You can survive safely and indefinitely in the sewers if you need to do so. You also have enough general knowledge to navigate through unfamiliar sewers and emerge close to your destination.

•              Novice: You are a real tunnel rat.

••           Practiced: What a city worker might know

•••        Competent: What a Nosferatu or Giovanni would know

••••     Expert: What older Nosferatu would know

•••••   Master: What a Nosferatu elder might know


Possessed by: Nosferatu, Giovanni, some Malkavian's, City Employees, Sewer Monsters, some Street People, Dwarves, Bone Gnawers


Specialties: Havens, Food, Hiding Places, Shortcuts, Slums


Sprit Lore


You know of the spirit world, and its structure and forms. Though you may not necessarily have the ability to travel astrally, you understand how the process works. The world of ghosts is also known to you. Unlike Occult Knowledge, most of what you believe about your subject is actually true (though certainly not all).

•              Novice: Watched one of those bad TV shows.

••           Practiced: Got scared in a haunted house.

•••        Competent: You know where they are.

••••     Expert: You know what they are.

•••••   Master: You know why they are.


Possessed by: Werewolves, Mages, Vampires, Psychics, Clairvoyants, Witch-hunters


Specialties: Benign Spirits, Malevolent Spirits, Mischievous Spirits, Astral Travel, Specific Site, Hauntings




Religion is a familiar aspect of human endeavor for you, and you fully understand its place in the world. At higher levels, this Knowledge imparts an appreciation for all religious beliefs, while less skilled individuals tend to view their own beliefs as intrinsically superior to any others. This, of course, varies by individual. Possession of this Knowledge in no way requires personal belief in the tenets of any specific religion.

•             Novice: Participant

••           Practiced: Altar boy

•••        Competent: Priest

••••     Expert: Professor

•••••   Master: Theologian

Possessed by: Missionaries, Priests, Pastors, Nuns, Theologians. Atheists

Specialties: Women's (often called Theaology), Comparative, Liberation, Agnosticism, Christian, Buddhist, Branch Davidian




You have a working knowledge of poisons, their effects and antidotes. You can analyze a poison to ascertain its origin, and can mix a poison or antidote given time and equipment. You must have at least one dot in either Chemistry or Biology to acquire this Knowledge.

•             Novice: Dabbler

••           Practiced: Detective; mystery reader

•••        Competent: Pharmacist; mystery writer

••••     Expert: Forensic scientist; emergency room doctor

•••••   Master: Assassin

Possessed by: Mystery Buffs, Detectives, Pharmacists, Medics, Assassins

Specialties: Venoms, Chemical Poisons, Herbal Poisons, Analysis, Antidotes, Instant Poisons, Slow -Build Poisons, Undetectable Poisons.


Underworld Lore


You know the politics and figures of organized crime within your city. You understand how the system works, whom to pay off, whose arm to twist and who gets the cement shoes. Whether it’s street drugs or vampiric blood for a secret cult of ghouls, you know the source and who’s playing the game. This Knowledge encompasses members of all criminal organizations, ethnic and otherwise, including the Mafia, Yakuza, and street gangs.


•             Novice: You saw The Godfather a couple times.

••           Practiced: You know a few button men or soldiers and can name most of your city’s prominent gangsters.

•••        Competent: You know as much as most connected men.

••••     Expert: If it’s happening in your city, you know about it.

•••••   Master: If it’s happening, period, you know about it.


Possessed by: Mafia Dons, Yakuza, Government Leaders, Police, Connected Thugs


Specialties: Loan-Sharking, Drug-Running, Smuggling, Slavery, Politics, Ethnic Organizations


Wyrm Lore


Some vampires delve into the lore of the Lupines' enemy the Wyrm. This is dangerous; for every bit of information they gain, they risk destruction or corruption. For more information on the Wyrm, see Werewolf: The Apocalypse or Book of the Wyrm.

•              Novice: You are aware of and can name many Wyrm creatures.

••           Practiced: You know there are many Wyrm manifestations (Triatic Wyrms, Urge Wyrms). You may know some of the Black Spiral Dancers' pictograms.

•••        Competent: You know something of the geography and people of Malfeas.

••••     Expert: You know of the Black Spiral Labyrinth and some of its secrets.

•••••   Master: You are a danger to the Wyrm and yourself.


Possessed by: Black Spiral Dancers, Uktena Banetenders, Pentex Board Members


Specialties: Triatic Wyrm, Urge Wyrms, Monsters, Banes, Black Spiral Dancers, Malfeas