New Background available for my game. it was gotten from another that was based in europe  so some of it doesnt quite mesh  but is easily converted


how it works. 

you buy it as a background, cost is new rating x 5

to use it,   generally speaking cost 1 week per level of use.  to do all the paper work for that 10k loan,   1 week,  to persue the public church record  1 week  (ie.. you persue them over the weeks time), to shut down a business for health code violations 5 weeks.   keeping in mind, if you are creative and can combine them  say  media at lower level to get a scathing report over the resturuant   to shut it down for health code violations  etc.    it can take less time to pull off the act. 


Finance, Religious Organizations, Medical, High Society, Industry, Legal, Media, Occult, Police, Street, Transportation, Underworld, School Education, Monarchy




Kindred and mortals with the Finance Influence speak this language of money and know where to find capital. They have a degree of access to banks, mega corporations and the truly wealthy citizens of the world.

1: Receive a loan (10,000 - payback 13,000), learn about economic trends, get a dozen accounts all over town, run a credit check on someone, identify whether a bill is counterfeit, get up to $1,000 in cash.

2: Receive a loan (50,000 - payback 68,000), trace unsecured bank accounts, identify a person's collateral properties, get an insider stock tip.

3: Receive a loan (250,000 - payback 288,000), create a secure bank account, access ATM camera tapes, get copies of someone's signature.

4: Receive a loan (1,500,000 - payback 1,734,000), delay deposits; credit alterations, interfere with specific stock transactions, cause an IRS/SEC audit or investigation.

5: Receive a loan (10,000,000 - payback 12,120,000), control an aspect of city-wide banking, stop an CRS audit or investigation, foreclose on a small business.

Religious Organizations

Even churches are not without politics and intrigue upon which an opportunistic Kindred may capitalize. This Influence usually only applies to mainstream faiths, such as Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and the Islamic faith. Other practices may fall under the Occult Influence.

1: Identify secular members of a given faith in local area, peruse public church records, use a church as a meeting place, find an AA meeting, get a priest's phone number.

2: Identify higher up members, track congregation members; suspend lay members, get coffee/bibles/Mass for 100 people on short notice, meet with a rabbi/imam/priest/monk wherever you want.

3: Open or close a single church/temple/mosque/synagogue, access private archives of the church, meet with the Bishop, get a house ritually sanctified, manipulate a church-owned charity, steal from the collection plate or dip into church funds (max 100 bucks).

4: Discredit or suspend higher-level members, find an average church-associated hunter or exorcist, manipulate a fanatic splinter group, start a heresy/witchcraft investigation.

5: Organize major protests/boycotts, manipulate regional branches, access ancient church lore, identify someone with True Faith or a church-associated hunter group without meeting them


In our modem world, a myriad of organizations and resources exists to deal with every mortal ache an ill, at least in theory.

1: Gain 1 blood trait, fake vaccination records, get medical supplies (latex gloves, biohazard stickers, syringes), be first in line at the ER, get a wheelchair van delivered.

2: Gain 3 blood traits, access to minor medical records, get a copy of a coroner's report, get an ambulance to make a run with no record, get a doctor to make a house call.

3: Gain 5 blood traits, corrupt results of tests or inspections, alter medical records, get a gunshot wound treated quietly, and schedule patients for surgeries without their permission.

4: Gain 10 blood traits, instigate a minor quarantine, acquire a cadaver, destroy medical records, have people institutionalized or released, start a CDC/CMA investigation, abuse grants for personal use ($10,000 euro).

5: Gain 15 blood traits, have a special research project performed, shut down a business for health code violations, stop a CDC/AMA investigation, close a doctor's office or two.


An elite clique of mortals exists that, by virtue of birth, possessions, talent or quirks of fate, hold themselves above the great unwashed masses. High Society allows the character to direct and use the energies and actions of this exceptional mass of mortals.

1: Obtain hard-to-get tickets for shows, get the lowdown on obscure sub-cultural trends, be the first to get that CD/DVD, hear about parties, learn about who's who.

2: Track celebrities and luminaries, be a local voice in the entertainment field, get invited to the right parties, sit in the front row, get the sneak preview.

3: Crush promising careers, get backstage passes to anything, have rich people ask you for trend advice, be well-known in a subculture or social scene.

4: Achieve temporary minor celebrity status (Fame x1), skip lines, get VIP treatment everywhere, get hit on by beautiful people, know who is doing what with who, set minor trends.

5: Appear on a talk show, ruin a new club/gallery/festival/other high society gathering, have an annual must-attend party with everybody there, meet visiting celebrities in their hotel rooms.


A character with the Industry Influence has her ashen fingers in this pie. All union thugs are mortals with 6 physical, 3 social, 4 mental, 1 willpower, a craft skill, and 2 brawls.

1: Learn about industrial projects and movements, union membership, borrow portable tools, learn a trade, get a night job, get your car fixed cheap.

2: Have minor projects performed by small crews, arrange small 'accidents' on the job site, get an expert welder to do a job for you, be known as a good member to a single union, dip into union funds or embezzle petty cash (500 euro)

3: Get a union thug to break something, organize minor strikes, appropriate a blast furnace for a short time, get some silver bullets/vehicle armor/torture devices made.

4: Get a pair of union thugs to burn something down, close or revitalize a small plant, take over a small plant for two weeks, get anyone booted out of any union, initiate an OSHA/EPA inspection.

5: Get half a dozen masked union thugs to kidnap/terrorize someone, manipulate a large local industry, organize a major area strike, manufacture a hundred of anything, stop OSHA/EPA inquiries.


The Kindred presence is even present in the hallowed halls of justice and the courts, law schools, law firms and justice bureaus within them. Inhabiting these halls are lawyers, judges, bailiffs, clerks, DAs and attorneys.

1: Get free representation for small cases, have a lawyer who answers his phone, sue people for messing with you, learn about someone's holdings/legal status.

2: Avoid bail for some charges, have minor charges dropped, get a quiet settlement when being sued, get a lawyer to build a complete file on someone, create a screen to slow investigations, access public or court funds ($250).

3: Get good representation, manipulate legal procedures (wills, contracts, etc), start a state investigation, have a lawyer with assistants drown someone in legal briefs.

4: Issue subpoenas, tie up court cases, have most charges dropped, cancel or arrange parole, start a federal investigation of some sort, stop a state investigation.

5: Close down a federal investigation, have deportation proceedings held against someone, get warrants revoked, hide ownership of anything, find a legal weakness to exploit.


The media serves as the eyes and ears of the world. While few in this day and age doubt that the news is not corrupted, many would be surprised at who closes these eyes and covers these ears from time to time. The media entity is composed of station directions, editors, reporters, anchors, camera people, photographers and radio personalities.

1: Learn about breaking stories early; submit small articles, know a few reporters to tip, be on college radio, get a letter to the editor published in an underground free press.

2: Suppress small articles or reports, get investigative reporting information, get a photographer to show up, have a reporter in your pocket, get research done on a subject, trace personal ads.

3: Initiate news investigations and reports, access media production resources, start a major investigative story, get a TV news crew to show up with satellite feed, make an independent film.

4: Initiate a fake story with local attention, influence story selection, get an editor to kill a story, get a TV series to do a local episode, get radio personalities fired, kill an underground 'zine.

5: Initiate a fake story with statewide attention, get newspaper people fired, affect the storyline of a TV show, change a radio station's format, own an unaffiliated local TV station, stop any one story.


Most people are curious about the supernatural world and the various groups and beliefs that make up the occult world but few consider it anything but a hoax a diversion or a curiosity. They could not be farther from the truth. This Influence more than any other hits the Kindred close to home and could very well bring humanity to its senses about just who and what shares this world with them Among the occult community are cult leaders alternative religious groups charlatans would be occultists.

1: Contact common occult groups and practices, join a fringe religion, learn about new trends or dangers to the occult subculture, acquire candles, bones, crystals, etc. of decent quality, acquire common ritual components (galangal oil, tamarisk, feathers, shiny stones, etc...), research up to the second level of an inaccurate "outsider" Lore (Ghost, Fairy, Lycanthrope, Vampire, etc.)

2: Acquire uncommon ritual components (alchemically pure metals, specifically prepared woods, century old finger bones etc...), research up to the third level of an inaccurate "outsider" Lore, research up to the first level of a common "insider" Lore (Demonology, Kindred, Sorcery and Wraith)

3: Acquire uncommon ritual components (objects gotten under very specific astrological/magical conditions, a "true" mandrake, etc...), occult tomes, and writings, research up to the fourth level of an inaccurate "outsider" Lore, research up to the second level of a common "insider" Lore, research a Common Ritual relating to your particular brand of Blood Magic when you have NO IDEA what you're doing (Lore: Sorcery, Lore: Necromancy and the Occult ability can make this easier - see notes above), manipulate a local cult, get a loremaster to answer a question

4: Know where to find certain supernatural entities, research up to the fifth level of an inaccurate "outsider" Lore, research up to the third level of a common "insider" Lore, research up to the first level of a rare lore (Lore: Blood, Lore: Kuei-Jin, Lore: Mage, Lore: Fae, Lore: Garou), research an Uncommon Ritual relating to your particular brand of Blood Magic when you have NO IDEA what you're doing

5: Access minor magic items, research up to the fourth level of a common "insider" Lore, research up to the second level of a rare lore, research up to the first level of a ridiculously rare lore (HSTs Approval,– this will require you to already have a lot of appropriate broader lores . Higher levels require mini/mega-quests and a lot of work), research a Rare Ritual relating to your particular brand of Blood Magic when you have NO IDEA what you're doing, meet with a Demon/Mage/Spectre.


To protect and serve is a popular motto among the chosen enforcers of the laws But these days even those ignorant of Kindred have reason to doubt the laws ability to enact justice. Perhaps they should wonder whom the law defends whom it serves and why.

1: Gather police information and rumors, avoid traffic tickets, understand a scanner, find incarcerated people, ask a patrolman what he's noticed on his beat.

2: Have license plates checked, avoid minor violations, get a cop to keep an eye on your haven, know a desk sergeant at a precinct house, get rap sheets, learn about current investigations.

3: Find bureau secrets, get copies of an investigation report, have police hassle, harass, book, or detain someone, initiate a local or state criminal investigation, call in a major helicopter search.

4: Access confiscated weapons or contraband; start an FBI/CIA investigation; have serious charges dropped, frame someone for a felony, call in a SWAT team, make a police station your haven, obtain money, either from the evidence room or as an appropriation ($1,000)

5: Institute major multi-branch investigations, arrange setups/stings, have officers fired, stop a local FBI/CIA investigation, frame someone for a series of felonies.


Disenchanted, disenfranchised and ignored by their "betters," an undercurrent of humanity has made its own culture and lifestyle to deal with the harsh lot life has dealt them. In the dark alleys and slums reside gang members, the homeless, street performers, petty criminals, prostitutes and the forgotten.

1: Have an ear open for the word on the street, identify most gangs and their turfs and habits, know your way around homeless shelters, read graffiti and understand it.

2: Live mostly without fear on the underside of society, access small time contraband/drugs, identify any illicit substance, know the Survival obstacles of any given neighborhood.

3: Arrange some services from street people or gangs, get some hooligan tools or melee weapons, get a building staked out by homeless watchers, put a rumor out on the street.

4: Mobilize groups of homeless, have a word in almost all gang operations, get a gang to protect someone, gets a pistol, plant drugs on someone with a pickpocket.

5: Initiate drive-by shootings, get shotguns or rifles, identify regular police informants, start a small two-gang shootout, use the homeless as couriers/information networks/infiltrators.


The world is in constant motion, its prosperity relying heavily on the fact that people and productions fly, float or roll to and from every corner of the planet. Without the means to perform this monumental task, our "small" world quickly returns to a daunting orb with large, isolated stretches.

1: Know what goes where and why, know a cabbie/monorail/airport employee/chauffeur, recognize shipments that are unusual or unscheduled, get tickets for sold-out rides.

2: Track a target who's using public transportation, arrange passage within the Domain safe from mundane threats, get specific information from transportation companies, have a limo available.

3: Seriously hamper a single individual's ability to travel for a few days, travel inconspicuously, smuggle one package every two weeks, have an armored lightproof limousine available.

4: Shut down one form of mass transit for a few hours, have an entourage with chase cars available, arrange trucker/pilot/shipping strikes, smuggle one shipping crate every two weeks.

Level 5: Smuggle with impunity, keep a helicopter on station, make someone fitting a description unable to catch a cab for one day, route money your way (500 Euro)


Even in the most cosmopolitan of ages, society has found certain needs and services too questionable to accept, and in every age, some organized effort has stepped in to provide for this demand regardless of the risks.

Note: Does not include smuggling or street gangs (Transportation and Street respectively). All thugs are mortals with 6 Physical Traits, 4 Mental Traits, 3 Social Traits, 2 Willpower, Brawl x2 and Firearms.

1: Locate minor contraband, find an illegal card game, know a hooker that's not a cop, get someone's car stolen and chopped, know what to do with a stolen credit card, fence loot and skim from illegal dealings to get cash (1,000 Euro)

2: Obtain serious contaband/hot goods on short notice, go and get serious drugs, go and get stolen cars, know a wiseguy, send someone a free prostitute, go and get a few stolen credit cards.

3: Obtain pistols on short noticeGet 2 amateur local thugs to rough someone up for you know where a fence/chop shop/whorehouse/illegal casino is.

4: Obtain a rifle, shotgun, or submachine gun,Get 4 amateur local thugs to shoot a place up for you, have white-collar crime connections, control a single crime ring for 2 weeks, get a place immunized from organized crime.

5: Get 8 amateur local thugs to make someone disappear, arrange gangland assassinations of non-made guys, get a professional firebug to burn something down, get someone's car wired to blow up.

School Education

In an age where the quest for learning and knowledge begins in schools, colleges and universities, information becomes currency. University Influence represents a certain degree of control and perhaps involvement in these institutions.

1: Access to low level university resources; obtain copies of school records, get students' social security numbers, identify experts in various fields.

2: Know a contact or two with useful knowledge or skills, get keys to some buildings, fake a registered class schedule, identify the dorm rooms of any type of student.

3: Faculty favors, fix grades, discredit a student, get a term paper written, get an expert to spend time researching for you, 24 hour library access.

4: Organize student protests and rallies, discredit faculty members, get tenure, have a team of grad students attempt your strange project, send in the campus cops.

5: Falsify an undergraduate degree, run of facilities, get a fraternity banned from a campus, change campus policy, access rare books, call it a snow day.


The influence for everyone who wants to play within the Monarch arena. Having the ear of a prince is vital to those who conduct business and wanna get about the red tape.

1: A tiny pull with the prince, find out minor information, minor suggestions about policies, small favors

2: A small pull with the prince, small information, let your two cents be heard with him, find out details pertaining to small business ventures

3: A moderate pull with the prince, find out things, get documents nessary for citizenship, make minor changes to policies, aquire some help with a business

4: massive pull with prince, get land deeds in your name, aquire papers and documents, get major projects passed and in place, make large changes of policy

5: Emmense pull with the prince, Aquire land without money, be made a royal title, get any land needed, earn royal monitary backing (30k euro), His security protects you also.