Name Jet Wolfe Clan Catiff (tzimish)
Allegiance Lay Trayin Nature Praise-Seeker
Generation Ghoul Demeanor Jester
Channel #somc_ooc Haven #the_mansion
Age 19 Concept Aspiring artist
Description blond hair blued eyed  jet.jpg
Appearance Varies
Background Orphan Birthplace Maine, USA
Strength Charisma Perception
Dexterity Manipulation Intelligence
Stamina Appearance Wits
Dex: Graceful, Lithe. Appearance: flawless. Perception: Aura's. Intel: Savvy Stamina: Tough as nails
Talents Skills Knowledges
Alertness Animal Ken Academics
Athletics Crafts Computer
Brawl Drive Finance
Dodge Etiquette Investigation
Empathy Firearms Law
Expression Melee Linguistics
Intimidation Performance Medicine
Leadership Security Occult
Streetwise Stealth Politics
Subterfuge Survival Science
Athletics: Dancing. Craft: Water Colors. Performance: Ball room dancing. Finance: Investments, Melee: Bladed Weapons, Brawl: Mixed Martial Arts, Dodge: Fancy footwork, Firearms: Pistols Dancing: Fire Dancing Gunsmithing: Ammo Modification
secondary skills
Ventriloquism Gunsmith Kindred Lore
Intrigue Fast Draw Ventrue Lore
Mimicry Martial Arts (soft) Economics
(Specialty) Body Craft Toxicology
    Dancing Chemistry
    Black Smithing Area Knowledge (Monte Carlo)
    Jeweler Demon Lore
        Camarilla Lore
Disciplines Backgrounds Advantages
Potence Contacts Conscience
Auspex Recourses  
Celerity Fame Self Control
Presence (Background)  
Fortitude (Background) Courage
Visissitude (Background)    
Obfuscate (Background)    
Merits/Flaws Humanity/Path
Acute sense (touch)  
Double Jointed   Willpower
Friendly Face  
Concentration   Blood Pool
Intolerance: Men (purchased down to 1 point)  
Intolerance: security / cops  
Ghouled to Lay Trayin  

Languages known: English, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, German


Characters trained in the martial arts may use this Skill to replace the Brawl Talent. Martial arts has long been depicted as a tough, time-consuming calling, which is reflected in the rules for its acquisition. During character creation, Martial Arts Skill costs two Skill dots per dot desired. If raising the Skill with freebie points, each additional dot purchased costs three freebie points. Raising this Skill with experience costs 150 percent of the normal amount for an Ability.
However, characters with the Martial Arts Skill gain access to a variety of special combat maneuvers. Additionally, all martial artists learn how to throw their foes. Special Maneuvers and rules for throws are provided in the Systems Chapter, pp. 140-142.
A martial artist must define her style as "hard" or "soft," which indicates the type of special maneuvers she can learn. Hard styles, such as karate, focus on powerful strikes; soft styles, including aikido, focus on redirection and defense.
Novice: Beginner
Practiced: Student --> Deflecting Block
Competent: Brown belt --> Withering Grasp
Expert: Black belt
Master: Shaolin monk, Bruce Lee, etc.

Possessed by The Most Unlikely People
Specialties: Snake Style, Chops, Leg sweeps

Many Kuei-jin have mastered one or more forms of Martial Arts, either from their living days or through study with an undead master. The Martial Arts Skill replaces, the Trait Brawl. An aspiring martial artist must choose between a hard style and a soft style. Soft styles include jujutsu, shuai-chiao, tai chi chuan, and aikido; hard styles include karate, Shaolin kung fu, tae kwon do, and wushu. For game purposes, there is no difference between the various styles, but players are encouraged to choose one for purposes of characterization Unlike normal fighting, study of the Martial Arts requires discipline and concentration. A vampire in fire or wave soul cannot use Martial Arts.
Soft and hard style martial artists have different difficulty ratings for the basic Brawl maneuvers:
Soft Hard
Strike 6 5
Kick 7 6
Grapple 5 6
Throw 6 7

The Throw: Having successfully grappled an opponent, the martial artist may attempt to throw him to the ground. This maneuver requires a Dexterity + Martial Arts roll, with a damage Dice Pool equal to the attacker's Strength. A successful throw can also stun an opponent if it inflicts three or more Health Levels of damage. Stunned characters suffer a two-die penalty to all actions for a number of turns equaL to the amount of damage taken.

Additionally, for each dot after the first, the player may
choose one of the special maneuvers for her style
Soft style:
Counter Throw; The: martial artist uses the attacker's own momentum against him. The defender ho longer needs to grapple an opponent before throwing him and instead makes an opposed roll of Dexterity + Martial Arts against the attacker's Dexterity + Brawl, Melee, or Martial Arts ('whichever is currently appropriate). If the martial artist scores more successes, she deflects the attack and may immediately attempt to throw the attacker.
Deflecting Block: The martial artist concentrating completely on defense, tries to prevent her opponent from doing any damage and to throw him off balance in the process. When blocking, the martial artist redirects the attacker's momentum and rolls Dexterity + Martial Arts (difficulty 6) against the opponent's attack roll. Each of the defender's successes subtracts one success from the attacker's roll. If the martial artist scores more successes than the attacker, the attacker must roll Dexterity (difficulty 8) or fall to the ground and take his own Strength rating as damage.
Joint Lock: Having successfully grappled her Opponent, a martial artist can damage or, control him through applying pressure to joints and pressure poiftts. This torsion often results in broken arms, legs and even necks The martial artist rolls Dexterity + Martial Arts to grapple, then may immediately roll Dexterity + Martial Arts again to inflict damage. For each success scored, the martial artist inflicts one Health Level of damage.
* Mantis Strike: This open-handed blow targets the opponent's vital organs or (against undead opponents) Chi gates and vitae centers. Difficulty 7, Damage Str + loss of one Chi point (if Kuei-jin) or Blood Point (if Kindred). Against mortals, the Mantis Strike inflicts Str +1 damage.
Withering Grasp: By making a successful Dexterity + Martial Arts roll, the martial artist may not only inflict damage on her foe, but disarm him as well. The martial artist must score
at least three successes to disarm the foe; with five successes, the martial artist may take the weapon for her own use.

Hard Styles
Blow to Pressure Point: The martial artist learns to strike to the pressure points and Chi meridians in the body, thus causing significant damage. Difficulty 8, Damage Str +3
Damaging Block: The martial artist's blocks are really strikes aimed at attacking limbs. Roll a normal Block roll, but if the artist scores three or more successes, she also inflicts (Str) damage.
Dragon Tail Sweep: This spinning leg sweep can knock the martial artist's opponent to the ground. Treat this maneuver like a Throw, but the martial artist does not have to grabble the opponent. Difficulty 8, Damage (opponent's Str.).
Elbow Strike: A quick, vicious blow usually delivered to the head at close range. Difficulty 5, Damage Str +1.
Spinning Kick: This fast, powerful kick does significant damage to opponents, and looks impressive as well. Difficulty 7, Damage Str +2.
Thunder Kick: This deadly flying drop kick is both graceful and debilitating. Difficulty 8, Damage Str +3.



[11:09] <Uilleam> well she have 3 right now
[11:09] <^^Brenna^^> so will do that :> puts her far better off then she has been
[11:09] <Uilleam> with 300k invested
[11:09] <Uilleam> so she need 1 mil invest to get lvl 4


dec 22

[03:06] <Torhealdbach_Kincaid> and resources 4
[03:06] <^^D`Jet^^> so, 700k at the end of november and 900k at the end of december 1million and rescrouses 4 :>
[03:06] <^^D`Jet^^> thank you
[03:06] <Torhealdbach_Kincaid> so mark yer sheet you'll have resources 4 at end of jan
[03:06] <^^D`Jet^^> will add that to her sheet


<Dillian_McAlaster> so the 7 takes it to 4 million
[09:41] <^^D`Jet^^> so still short of what she needs for rescourses 5 but close
[09:41] <Dillian_McAlaster> still needs more investing to get five resources
[09:41] <Dillian_McAlaster> well she needs 10 million



 <Dumari_D`leas> options 2 is a hotel down by the beach that been out of commission for least 30 years needs fixing up ranging in the 1 million mark but needs fixing up which be 750k to do so

Being fixed up into high end beach front apartment rentals

takes 2 months (9/15)


[09:48] <^^D`Jet^^> so she is at 5.. but income from only 3 :>
[09:48] <Dumari_D`leas> atm yes
[09:48] <Dumari_D`leas> mark yer sheet