This is a BASIC from the core book list,  their are many more from other books.

Allies: Humans who support and help you — family, friends or even a mortal organization that owes you some loyalty.
* One ally of moderate influence and power
** Two allies, both of moderate power
*** Three allies, one of whom is quite influential
**** Four allies, one of whom is very influential
***** Five allies, one of whom is extremely influential

Contacts: The number of information sources the character possesses. You know people all over the city. When you start making phone calls around your network, the amount of information you can dig up is almost terrifying. Contacts are largely people whom you can bribe, manipulate or coerce into offering information, but you also have a few major contacts — friends whom you can rely on to give you accurate information in their fields of expertise. You should describe each major contact in some detail before the game begins.In addition to your major contacts, you also have a number of minor contacts spread throughout the city; your major contact might be in the district attorney’s office, while your minor contacts might include beat cops, DMV clerks, club bouncers or even hot-dog vendors.
* One major contact
** Two major contacts
*** Three major contacts
**** Four major contacts
***** Five major contacts

Fame: The character's renown in the mortal world (also includes 'underground' / 'black market' / etc. for criminal type characters).
* You’re known to a select subculture of the city — local clubgoers or the Park Avenue set, for instance.
** A majority of the populace recognizes your face; you’re a local celebrity such as a news anchor.
*** You have statewide renown; perhaps you’re a state senator or minor star of local interest.
**** Nationally famous; everybody knows something about you.
***** You’re an internationally famous media icon.

Herd: (Admin Approval Required) The vessels to which the character has free and safe access. A herd may take many forms, from circles of kinky clubgoers to actual cults built around you as a god-figure. In addition to providing nourishment, your herd might come in handy for minor tasks, although they are typically not very controllable, closely connected to you or even highly skilled
* Three vessels
** Seven vessels
*** 15 vessels
**** 30 vessels
***** 60 vessels

Influence: The character's political power within mortal society. You have pull in the mortal community, whether through wealth, prestige, political office, blackmail or supernatural manipulation. Kindred with high Influence can sway, and in rare cases even control, the political and social processes of human society. Influence represents the sum of your political power in your community, particularly among the police and bureaucracy.
* Moderately influential; a factor in city politics
** Well-connected; a force in state politics
*** Position of influence; a factor in regional politics
**** Broad personal power; a force in national politics
***** Vastly influential; a factor in global politics

Resources: Wealth, belongings, and monthly income. this Background describes your standard of “living,” your possessions and your buying power. No dots in Resources is just that: You have no permanent haven and no possessions save a few clothes and possibly a weapon or pocketful of coins.
You receive a basic allowance each month based on your rating; be certain to detail exactly where this money comes from, be it a job, trust fund or dividends.
* Small savings: a small apartment and maybe a motorcycle. If liquidated, you would have about $1,000 in cash. Allowance of $500 a month.
** Middle class: an apartment or condominium. If liquidated, you would have at least $8,000 in cash. Allowance of $1200 a month.
*** Large savings: a homeowner or someone with some equity. If liquidated, you would have at least $50,000 in cash. Allowance of $3000 a month.
**** Well-off: a member of the upper class. You own a very large house, or perhaps a dilapidated mansion. If liquidated, you would have at least $500,000 in cash. Allowance of $9000 a month.
***** Ridiculously affluent: a multimillionaire. Your haven is limited by little save your imagination. If liquidated, you would have at least $5,000,000 in cash. Allowance of $30,000 a month.

Retainers: (Admin Approval Required) Not precisely allies or contacts, your retainers are servants, assistants or other people who are your loyal and steadfast companions. Many vampires’ servants are ghouls, their supernatural powers and blood bond-enforced loyalty make them the servants of choice. Retainers may also be people whom you’ve repeatedly Dominated until they have no free will left, or followers so enthralled with your Presence that their loyalty borders on blind fanaticism. Some vampires, particularly those with the Animalism Discipline, use “hellhounds” (ghouled dogs) or other animal ghouls as retainers. You must maintain some control over your retainers, whether through a salary, the gift of your vitae or the use of Disciplines. Retainers are never “blindly loyal no matter what” if you treat them too poorly without exercising strict control, they might well turn on you.
* One retainer
** Two retainers
*** Three retainers
**** Four retainers
***** Five retainers