Building your Sheet:
(vampire/mortal per vtm)

Name: Your character's name .
Player: Your name / nickname (only Admin will have access to this information and the only reason we ask is to help us keep character per. player counts accurate).
Chronicle: CT (or something simular)
Channel: #CT_OOC
Nature: Natures
Demeanor: Demeanor
Clan: If Kindred, list your clan (Ie: Gangrel). If mortal, list "Mortal"
Generation: If Kindred, list your character's numeric generation (Ie: 6 or 6th). If mortal, list "N/A" or leave blank. DO NOT USE DOTS IN BACKGROUND FOR GENERATION. Based on how we've structured the game, your generation is a given. Use background dots to better flesh out your character.
Haven: Simple one or two word description of where your character lives (Ie: House, Loft, Penthouse Suit, Warehouse, N. Boston Ave., etc.).
Concept: Simple one or two word description of your character's career / career path (Ie: Criminal, Journalist, Student, Hooker, Thief, Unemployed, Varies, Jack-of-all-trades, etc.).

A full list of Nature / Demeanor archetypes can be found here: Nature / Demeanor.

MORE ABOUT DOTS FOR ALL CHARACTERS: in the Attributes portion of the sheet you automatically start with ONE dot in each line. This means that no one (except Nos, double click on the appearance dot to remove it, this dot may be used in either Charisma or Manipulation if you choose) will have less than one dot in any of their Attributes. You also start out with ONE dot in each of your Virtues. Every other section starts with ZERO. Furthermore, for all characters, Kindred and Kine, Willpower is = to Courage.

The Dots for KINDRED Characters:

a) Attributes(Physical/Social/Mental): You receive 7/5/3 as starting dots
b) Abilities (Talents/Skills/Knowledge): You receive 13/9/5 as starting dots.
c) Advantages (Disciplines/Backgrounds/Virtues): You receive 3 starting Discipline dots. You receive 5 starting Backgrounds dots. You receive 7 starting Virtues dots.
d) Humanity for Kindred is Conscience + Self-Control.
--Note: Kindred, the Virtues section of your sheet also affects the likelihood of Frenzy.
e) Freebies: All Kindred get 15 freebies. Additional freebies may be given at the discretion of the Admin for various reason.

The Dots for MORTAL Characters:

a) Attributes (Physical/Social/Mental): You receive 6/4/3 as starting dots
b) Abilities (Talents/Skills/Knowledge): You receive 11/7/4 as starting dots.
c) Advantages (Disciplines/Backgrounds/Virtues): You receive 0 starting Discipline dots (mortals cannot have Disciplines). You receive 5 starting Backgrounds dots. You receive 5 starting Virtues dots.
d) Mortals start with a humanity of 7. This is the level of humanity that the "average" person has. To have a humanity lower (nearing the cold blooded murderer) or higher (nearing 'sainthood') there must be an explanation in your biography to explain anything above or below 7 in humanity. If we find that your explanation isn't suitable for that change you will be required to maintain the standard 7.
e) Freebies: All mortals get 21 freebies. Additional freebies may be given at the discretion of the Admin for various reasons.


You MUST document the use of your feebies either at the beginning or end of your bio. (Ie: 4 freebies in Backgrounds / 7 freebies in disciplines / 4 in Abilities.)

Attributes = 5 freebies per dot.
Abilities = 2 freebies per dot.
Backgrounds = 1 freebie per dot.
Disciplines = 7 freebies per dot.
Humanity = 1 freebie per dot.
Willpower = 1 freebie per dot.
Virtues = 2 freebies per dot.

A full list of Backgrounds and their values is found here: Backgrounds.


Willpower is equal to the number of dots in Courage.


Experience Cost

Trait                                                                                                 Cost
New Ability                                                                                       3
New Path (Necromancy or Thaumaturgy)                                      7
New Discipline                                                                                 10
Attribute                                                                                            current rating x 4
Ability                                                                                                current rating x 2
Clan Discipline                                                                                 current rating x 5*
Other Discipline                                                                               current rating x 7*
Secondary Path (Necromancy or Thaumaturgy)                            current rating x 4
Virtue                                                                                                 current rating x 2**
Humanity                                                                                           current rating x 2
Willpower                                                                                         current rating

* Caitiff have no clan-based Disciplines, just as they have no clan. For them, the cost of raising Disciplines is the current
rating x 6 for all Disciplines. This is both a curse and a blessing of being Clanless.

** Increasing a Virtue through experience does not increase Traits based on that Virtue (Humanity, Willpower).